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Wuhan coronavirus

3 years 10 months ago #5588 by Simomax
Replied by Simomax on topic Wuhan coronavirus

Those WHO idiots are responsible for downplaying and cosying up to the Chinese (funding) all through the early parts of this disaster. China act so quickly! China act so strong! China do so much! Do not panic! Most people have mild symptoms!
Detain the infected and take them from their homes.
What's next?

Universal ID cards, chip implants, cashless society, one world government, 1984, Brave New World...............They Live....:dry:

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3 years 10 months ago #5589 by Simomax
Replied by Simomax on topic Wuhan coronavirus
Lol, this next? Old dear's getting nicked because they have one too many boxes of Rice Crispies in their trolley?
Supermarket shoppers could have trolleys searched under lockdown measures, police chief warns

Police Chief Constable Nick Adderley, of Northamptonshire Police, issued the warning after people up and down the UK have been spotted 'flouting' the lockdown rules.
One of the restrictions imposed by the government tells the public only to shop for 'essentials'.
According to the Chief Constable, a small number of people had been flouting the regulations - with some officers being "baited" by members of the public.
He said people in the county could now face fines or a criminal record.
He said the force may have to resort to more extreme measures such as road blocks and searching shopping trolleys should people continue to break the rules, the Mirror reports.


Really? Really? Do they not have anything better to do than make road blocks and search shopping trolleys? Has the lockdown suddenly halved all the work the police need to do? People getting a criminal record over buying the wrong stuff from the supermarkets? As the government haven't exactly described what is essential or not this has been left to interpretation and opinion.

I was chatting to a friend about what is essential or not and we came to some quite interesting conclusions. A can of paint so he/she can keep their mind busy with decorating or craft work may be the only thing that keeps that recovered alcoholic from buying a bottle of whiskey. A teddy bear or some other toy may be what a really tired mum needs to give to their teething child to give them 10 minutes peace. A new TV may be needed for the old man across the street whose TV has just broke and TV is the only thing he has these days during the lockdown. The athlete that is training for the next marathon and needs to spend 4 hours a day running (this is true of my cousin.) The single parent Dad that needs a new joypad for his son's game console because it broke and is driving the Dad crazy with boredom. The woman that goes to feed the ducks at the pond every few days where she sprinkled the ashes of her late husband who used to fish there often and would be incredibly upset if she didn't get to do this ritual she has been doing for the past 2 years.....Where do you draw the line? I'm sure there are better examples than these.

Lots of people have lots of real reasons for wanting/needing non-essential things. The mental well being is equally as important as the physical well being of a person. As far as I am concerned we need to be more mentally fit and stable than ever right now but certain police forces don't seem to think so. And you don't seem to hear anything about police doing good deeds whilst they are out and about. You don't seem to hear how the two PCSO's went shopping for the old dear or got cat food for the single mum with 3 kids. Don't really hear anything about police other than lockdown arrest and stuff like that. I do understand that some people have completely flaunted the lock down such as playing cricket or groups of cyclists riding close together and gathering in groups, people having parties, but people in need shouldn't be penalized because of what other people do. At the end of the day the UK govt. have dawdled and dragged their feet over this. Technically it is the government's fault this lockdown is going on so long. They should be apologising to us and giving us some help and clarification as to what people really can and can't do instead of throwing down a few blurry lines and leaving it to interpretation.

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3 years 10 months ago #5590 by Simomax
Replied by Simomax on topic Wuhan coronavirus
This is the actual UK legislation on what we can and can't do under lockdown.

For business stuff start at article 1, if not interested in the business stuff then start at article 6.

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3 years 10 months ago - 3 years 10 months ago #5591 by Simomax
Replied by Simomax on topic Wuhan coronavirus
I think another thing that is causing confusion is due to the media.

Paper states: Under the lockdown, Britons can - with some exceptions - only leave the house for "very limited purposes":
Paper states: To buy essential supplies such as food and medicine
Legislation states: to obtain basic necessities, including food and medical supplies for those in the same household (including any pets or animals in the household) or for vulnerable persons and supplies for the essential upkeep, maintenance and functioning of the household, or the household of a vulnerable person, or to obtain money, including from any business listed in Part 3 of Schedule 2;

Paper states: To do one form of exercise a day close to home
Legislation states: to take exercise either alone or with other members of their household;
The legislation does not state how many times a day, or for how long and doesn't state close to home.

Paper states: And for any medical need, including to donate blood or provide help to a vulnerable person
Legislation states: to seek medical assistance, including to access any of the services referred to in paragraph 37 or 38 of Schedule 2; (d)to provide care or assistance, including relevant personal care within the meaning of paragraph 7(3B) of Schedule 4 to the Safeguarding of Vulnerable Groups Act 2006(1), to a vulnerable person, or to provide emergency assistance; (e)to donate blood;

So I can see where the confusion lies. And this has been openly admitted by more than one police officer. The police are using the news as their form of information, not the actual legislation. That is why they put into actual legislation two weeks ago. for the first week there was no actual legislation, only what BoJo said on TV. And still I believe that all police officers don't know about the actual legislation, or didn't at least. I have been recommending to people that go out for exercise to take their phones and keep the legislation bookmarked in case they get agro from the police. Such as my cousin training for a marathon. Some of his friends have been stopped and sent home with the threat of a fine after the police said they were only allowed one hour of exercise or only one time per day. Yet the legislation doesn't give a time limit or state how many time per day.
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3 years 10 months ago - 3 years 10 months ago #5592 by Simomax
Replied by Simomax on topic Wuhan coronavirus
Some more news. It doesn't stop.

UK News:
UK deaths hit 7,978 as lockdown rules remain in force and Boris Johnson stays in ICU

Boris Johnson's health continues to improve, says No 10

New US model predicts much higher Covid-19 death toll in UK. But British scientists are skeptical

Doctor who pleaded for more hospital PPE dies of coronavirus

Three nurses forced to wear bin bags because of PPE shortage ‘test positive for coronavirus’

NHS figures show 92% of coronavirus victims in England are over 60 - while only FIVE under-20s have died from the killer infection

New coronavirus test developed for frontline NHS workers can diagnose infection in FOUR HOURS, Cambridge researchers claim

Tory MP Jack Lopresti slapped down by Downing Street after calling for a 'temporary relaxation' of coronavirus restrictions to allow churches to OPEN on Easter Sunday

London Live prompts inquiry after showing virus conspiracy theories
(If anyone wants to watch the interview it is still on Bitchute here . I watched about half and honestly, I think David is talking shite. There were several points he made that had no supporting evidence and other points that were just not the truth.)

Government expands its overdraft in preparation for economic fallout

Police shut down 494 house parties in four days in Greater Manchester
(I'm guessing this is why the UK police are pissed at the moment and wanting to increase restriction and trolley searches and stuff!)

What IS the plan? Ministers stonewall over their 'exit strategy' from the coronavirus lockdown tearing the economy to shreds - as Nicola Sturgeon gazumps Dominic Raab by announcing extreme curbs WILL stay in place for weeks to come

World News:
Donald Trump blasts 'China-centric' World Health Organisation for 'minimizing the threat' of coronavirus while top White House adviser calls them 'Beijing proxies' in escalating war of words

Black box seized from Ruby Princess ship at centre of Australia outbreak

One in ten Spanish coronavirus victims has now died from the disease – amid fears 3,500 untested care home deaths should be added to the 15,238 death toll

Lockdowns can't end until Covid-19 vaccine found, study says

Harrowing pics show coronavirus patients being moved on packed buses on NYC’s deadliest day when 779 died

Wonders Down Under: New Zealand Prime Minister declares the country is beating coronavirus and prepares to lift strict lockdown in a week as Australian measures squash curve as well

Shocking coronavirus simulation shows how infected shopper can cough cloud of deadly droplets across TWO supermarket aisles - with bug hanging in the air for 'several minutes'

US unemployment rises 6.6m in a week as coronavirus takes its toll

Up to 150 members of the Saudi royal family 'are infected with coronavirus': King Salman and Mohammed bin Salman 'have both gone into isolation to avoid the outbreak'

Spain coronavirus horror as death toll hits 15,000 – PM's grief for ‘deaths in solitude’

France sees number of coronavirus deaths rise above 10,000, with almost a third of fatalities occurring in old people's homes

Greece on brink as first cases of coronavirus found among 100,000 in refugee camps

Panicked passengers jump off ferry after hearing some on board have coronavirus

Trump shifts focus to mining the moon as US coronavirus cases rise over 400,000

Hydroxychloroquine: The Indians worried over export of unproven 'corona drug' to US

I don't think we should shake hands ever again after coronavirus pandemic is over, says Dr Fauci
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3 years 10 months ago #5593 by Simomax
Replied by Simomax on topic Wuhan coronavirus
Not much change since yesterday. The numbers of both new cases and deaths is down a little, but also the amount of tests was nearly half of those yesterday (19.5k yesterday but was high due to a backlog of data). They really aren't getting much past that 10k tests per day. If we take the 7th-8th March number of tested and add those together because of the backlog, they average at 11,935 tests for each of the two days. We really need to be testing more. I expected us to be testing 25k+ now after all this time.

Total confirmed cases are at 65,077, with 4304 new cases, down 1227 (25% decrease) on yesterday. Total deaths are 7,978, with 881 new deaths, down 57 (6.3% decrease) on yesterday. Total tested this (24h) period, 10713.

As of 9am on 9 April, 298,169 tests have concluded across the UK, with 16,095 tests carried out on 8 April. Some individuals are tested more than once for clinical reasons.
243,421 people have been tested, of whom 65,077 tested positive. The tests concluded figure excludes data from Northern Ireland.
As of 5pm on 8 April, of those hospitalised in the UK who tested positive for coronavirus, 7,978 have died.

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