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Nuclear Energy News -- ScienceDaily

Nuclear Energy Research. Nuclear power, fission and fusion, tabletop accelerators, and more. Read the latest scientific research on nuclear energy.
  • Engineers discover way to turn organic waste into renewable biofuel additives using radiation
    The renewable proportion of petrol is set to increase to 20 per cent over the coming years, meaning the discovery of a new production pathway for these additives could help in the fight to cut carbon dioxide emissions and tackle climate change. Engineers propose a process to generate one such additive, solketal, using waste from both biochemical and nuclear industries -- termed...
  • An experimental loop for simulating nuclear reactors in space
    Nuclear thermal propulsion, which uses heat from nuclear reactions as fuel, could be used one day in human spaceflight, possibly even for missions to Mars. Its development, however, poses a challenge. The materials used must be able to withstand high heat and bombardment of high-energy particles on a regular basis. A nuclear engineering doctoral student is contributing to resea...
  • 'Beach ball' representations calculated for US underground nuclear tests can aid monitoring
    Researchers have calculated moment tensors for 130 underground nuclear and 10 chemical test explosions that took place at the Nevada National Security test site.
  • Physicists probe light smashups to guide future research
    Light has no mass, but Europe's Large Hadron Collider (LHC) can convert light's energy into massive particles. Physicists studied matter-generating collisions of light and showed the departure angle of their debris is subtly distorted by quantum interference patterns in the light prior to collision. Their findings will help physicists accurately interpret future experiments aim...
  • A sandblaster at the atomic level
    Modifying surfaces by shooting particles at them - this technique, called 'sputtering', is indispensable in surface science. However, if the surface is not perfectly smooth and regular, it is hard to predict the result of the sputtering process. Scientists have now managed to explain the effect of particles on rough surfaces during sputtering - with implications for fusion rese...
  • Physicist helps confirm a major advance in stellarator performance
    Results of a heat-confinement experiment on the twisty Wendelstein 7-X stellarator in Germany could enable devices based on the W7-X design to lead to a practical fusion reactor.
  • Cross-pollinating physicists use novel technique to improve the design of facilities that aim to harvest fusion energy
    Scientists have transferred a technique from one realm of plasma physics to another to enable the more efficient design of powerful magnets for doughnut-shaped fusion facilities known as tokamaks.
  • Effect of ‘eddy killing’ in oceans is no longer a matter of guesswork
    Applying a new coarse-graining, spatial method of analysis to satellite imagery, scientists provide a direct measure of the impact of wind driven eddy-killing on the kinetic energy of ocean currents -- a continual loss of 50 gigawatts, equivalent to the detonation of a Hiroshima nuclear bomb every 20 minutes, year round.
  • Transformation in the particle zoo
    An international study has found evidence of a long-sought effect in accelerator data. The so-called 'triangle singularity' describes how particles can change their identities by exchanging quarks, thereby mimicking a new particle. The mechanism also provides new insights into a mystery that has long puzzled particle physicists: Protons, neutrons and many other particles are mu...
  • Heavily enriched: An energy-efficient way of enriching hydrogen isotopes in silicon
    Deuterium, a heavier but less abundant version of the hydrogen atom, has many practical applications. Unfortunately, producing deuterium and using it to protect silicon-based semiconductors requires a lot of energy and very expensive deuterium gas. Now, scientists have discovered an energy-efficient exchange reaction to swap hydrogen atoms for deuterium on the surface of nanocr...
  • The Wendelstein 7-X concept proves its efficiency
    One of the most important optimization goals underlying the Wendelstein 7-X fusion device has now been confirmed. An analysis shows: In the optimized magnetic field cage, the energy losses of the plasma are reduced in the desired way. Wendelstein 7-X is intended to prove that the disadvantages of earlier stellarators can be overcome and that stellarator-type devices are suitabl...
  • Scientists detect characteristics of the birth of a major challenge to harvesting fusion energy on Earth
    Novel camera detects the birth of high-energy runaway electrons, which may lead to determining how to prevent damage caused by the highly energetic particles.
  • Using particle accelerators to investigate the quark-gluon plasma of the infant universe
    A new special edition of EPJ Special Topics brings together several papers that detail our understanding of Quark-Gluon Plasma (QGP) and the processes that transformed it into the baryonic matter we around us on an everyday basis.
  • Ultrafast X-ray provides new look at plasma discharge breakdown in water
    Occurring faster than the speed of sound, the mystery behind the breakdown of plasma discharges in water is one step closer to being understood as researchers pursue applying new diagnostic processes using state-of-the-art X-ray imaging to the challenging subject.
  • Collisions of light produce matter/antimatter from pure energy
    Scientists studying particle collisions have produced definitive evidence for two physics phenomena predicted more than 80 years ago: that matter/antimatter can be created directly by colliding photons and that a magnetic field can bend polarized light along different paths in a vacuum.
Atomic Insights

Atomic Insights

Atomic energy technology, politics, and perceptions from a nuclear energy insider who served as a US nuclear submarine engineer officer
  • What makes smaller nuclear power systems so exciting?
    Let me start by dispelling the notion that I think smaller, modular, manufactured nuclear power systems – often called SMRs or micro reactors – are the be all and end all solution to anything, including climate change or energy security. Though not THE solution, they have the potential to be a crucial, uniquely capable part […]
  • China’s high temperature reactor – pebble bed modular (HTR-PM) achieves its first criticality
    On the morning of September 12, 2021, reactor number 1 of the eagerly awaited HTR-PM project was taken critical for the first time. Initial criticality for any new reactor is a big deal for the people involved in the project; this one is a big deal for the future of nuclear energy. It might also […]
  • A Path from Coal to Nuclear is Being Blazed in Wyoming
    Many of those who care about finding solutions to the physical distress that our climate is experiencing, as reported on this week in a landmark 1,300 page report by the IPCC‘s Sixth Assessment Working Group 1 (Climate Change 2021: The Physical Science Basis), are not looking at Wyoming. But based upon the announcement made in […]
  • Nucleating our carbon-managed future
    If you’ve studied chemistry, you’ll know that the nucleation point describes the start of a change in physical state, such as from a solid to a liquid, or liquid to gas. Water starting to crystallize into ice nucleates where the first H2O molecules reorganize as a solid. We’re seeing a similar transformation of human society—forced […]
  • Five Myths about the Lone Star Blackout
    By Meredith Angwin When we hear something terrible has happened to someone we know, we are concerned for them. We are worried.  We want to help.  And let’s face it, we are also concerned that something like that might happen to US.   Our self-concern often takes the form of a list: “All the reasons […]
  • Atomic Show #291 – Kalev Kallemets, Fermi Energia
    Fermi Energia is an Estonian company whose mission is to provide its home country with an independent, clean, safe and affordable electricity production system by 2035. That system will be anchored by base supply from small modular nuclear reactors. It is a lofty mission for a small company in a country whose land mass and […]
  • Preliminary lessons available to be learned from Feb 2021 extended cold spell
    A large number of “hot takes” are appearing now that the cold wave that began arriving on Feb 11, 2021 has moved into areas where sub-freezing temperatures in Feb are normal. If the politically charged nature of the takes could be harnessed, the energy released would be able to keep quite a few homes supplied […]
  • South Texas Project Unit 1 tripped at 0537 on Feb 15, 2021
    Update: South Texas Project Unit 1 started up during the afternoon of Feb 17. Vicki Rowland, lead for internal communications at STP Nuclear Operating Company, stated that the plant was connected to the grid at 2107 (9:07 pm central time). It began a steady ascent to 100% power. The NRC’s Power Reactor Status Report for […]
  • Atomic Show #290 – Myrto Tripathi, Voices of Nuclear
    Nuclear energy professionals are credible sources of information about a powerful technology that can help address climate change and contribute to humanity’s development. Voices of Nuclear is an international non-profit group that seeks to empower nuclear supporters, both professionals in the industry and allies outside of the industry, with tools, organization and effec...
  • Change is in the wind: Commencing a new phase as a Venture Capitalist
    Atomic energy is a tool that is capable of helping address some of humanity’s most wicked challenges. Clean, abundant, reliable and affordable power makes everything we do a little easier and is becoming increasing urgent in the era of climate change. Unfortunately, atomic energy is a long way from reaching its potential or even achieving […]
  • Atomic Show #289 – All Reactors Large and Small
    Pro-nuclear advocates generally agree that there is a large and growing need for new nuclear power plants to meet energy demands with less impact on the planet and its atmosphere. There is frequent, sometimes passionate discussion about the most appropriate reactor sizes, technologies and specific uses. Atomic Show #289 is a lively discussion among some […]
  • Atomic Show #288 – Per Peterson, CNO, Kairos Power
    Kairos Power Is developing a truly new nuclear fission power technology. Their KP-FHR (Kairos Power – Fluoride Salt Cooled, High Temperature Reactor) combines the solid fuel form usually associated with gas-cooled reactors with the fluoride molten salt often associated with fluid-fuel reactors. For Atomic Show #288, my guest was Dr. Per Peterson, Kairos Power’s chie...
  • Kenneth Pitzer blamed AEC advisors for slow power reactor development
    During the Atomic Energy Commission’s (AEC) earliest years, the General Advisory Committee was sometimes viewed as a source of discouraging, delaying advice. Made up of selected members of the scientific establishment, the group habitually sought more studies and inserted costly delays aimed at making the perfect next step instead of taking steps that were good […]
  • Why did the US Atomic Energy Commission kill Daniels Pile in 1947?
    In January 1947, after more than a year of focused public attention and debate, the civilian U.S. Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) took control of all atomic energy matters from the Manhattan District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. This takeover was a major victory for the atomic scientists and others who worked diligently to […]
  • How did an oil shale investor hamstring his atomic energy competition? (Ancient but impactful smoking gun)
    During the contentious effort that resulted in passage of the Atomic Energy Act of 1946, Sen Eugene D. Milliken (R-CO) played an important role in establishing an attempted US government monopoly over all atomic energy information. During the House-Senate conference committee to resolve differences between versions of the bill passed by the two legislative bodies, […]

Energy News

Energy News
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Short, timely articles with graphics on energy facts, issues, and trends.
  • EIA expects increasing consumption of natural gas by U.S. industry in 2021 and 2022
    Based on our September Short-Term Energy Outlook, we expect industrial sector natural gas consumption to rise throughout 2021 and to exceed pre-pandemic 2019 levels. We forecast the growth to continue into 2022, and natural gas delivered to industrial consumers will average 23.8 billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/d) that year. If realized, this amount would be near the current rec...
  • EIA expects U.S. hydropower generation to decline 14% in 2021 amid drought
    In our latest Short-Term Energy Outlook (STEO), we forecast that electricity generation from U.S. hydropower plants will be 14% lower in 2021 than it was in 2020. Extreme and exceptional drought conditions have been affecting much of the western United States, especially California and states in the Pacific Northwest, which are home to the majority of U.S. hydropower capacity.
  • U.S. energy trade lowers the overall 2020 U.S. trade deficit for the first time on record
    In 2020, the U.S. net merchandise trade value of energy products—the value of petroleum, natural gas, coal, and electricity exports less the value of their imports—was a surplus of $27 billion. This amount marks the first time the value of U.S. energy exports exceeded imports since at least 1974, the earliest year in the U.S. Census Bureau's trade value data.
  • Crude oil inventories in Cushing, Oklahoma, are down more than 40% from start of 2021
    Crude oil inventories in Cushing, Oklahoma, totaled 32.9 million barrels (excluding pipeline fill and stocks in transit by water and rail) in the week ending September 10, which is a 42% decrease since the beginning of the year. Crude oil inventories at Cushing are now 26% lower than normal, based on the previous five-year (2016–2020) average for that time of...
  • World's longest-operating solar thermal facility is retiring most of its capacity
    The Solar Energy Generating Systems (SEGS) facility in California's Mojave Desert retired five of its solar plants (SEGS 3 through 7) in July 2021 and plans to retire a sixth (SEGS 8) in September 2021, based on information submitted to EIA and published in our Preliminary Electric Generator Inventory. After SEGS 8 is retired, only one solar thermal unit at SEGS will remain ope...

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Nuclear and wmd news covering nuclear an chemical weapons, nuclear proliferation and arms control.
  • Blinken warns US getting ‘closer’ to giving up on Iran nuclear deal
    DefenceTalkUS Secretary of State Antony Blinken warned Wednesday that time was running out for Iran to return to a nuclear deal after a scathing report by the UN atomic watchdog and Tehran’s signals that it would take a while to return to talks. The IAEA released a strongly-worded report Tuesday saying monitoring tasks in Iran […]
  • Iran’s Raisi calls for effective nuclear talks, rules out Biden meet
    DefenceTalkIran’s President-elect Ebrahim Raisi said on Monday he will not allow nuclear negotiations for the sake of negotiations, in his first news conference since winning election last week. Raisi also ruled out meeting US President Joe Biden but said there were “no obstacles” to resuming diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia, the Sunni-ruled regional riv...
  • China says radiation levels normal at Taishan nuclear plant
    DefenceTalkChina said Tuesday radiation levels remained normal at one of its nuclear power plants and there were no safety concerns, after the station’s French operator reported a gas build-up. “There is no abnormality in the radiation levels around the nuclear power plant, and safety is guaranteed,” said foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian. CNN reported ea...
  • Nuclear weapons spending swelled $1.4 bn amid pandemic: report
    DefenceTalkEven as the pandemic raged and economies around the world were devastated, nuclear-armed countries last year increased spending on atomic weapon arsenals by 1.4 billion dollars, campaigners said Monday. In a fresh report, the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) detailed how the world’s nine nuclear-armed states continued to swell their spen...
  • Iran says 60% enrichment response to Israel’s ‘nuclear terrorism’
    DefenceTalkIran’s President Hassan Rouhani said Wednesday the decision to boost uranium enrichment to 60 percent was a response to arch-foe Israel’s “nuclear terrorism” against its Natanz facility. Tehran starting up advanced centrifuges and producing more highly refined uranium “is a response to your malice”, Rouhani said in a message aimed ...
  • Enrichment, sabotage cast shadow over new Iran nuclear talks
    DefenceTalkTalks to save the Iran nuclear deal resume in Vienna Thursday amid new tensions, with Tehran preparing to ramp up uranium enrichment in response to an attack on a facility it blamed on arch-foe Israel. After a positive first round of negotiations aimed at resurrecting the 2015 agreement scuttled by Donald Trump, Iran’s push towards […]
  • UK to increase nuclear stockpile: reports
    DefenceTalkBritain is to announce an increase to its nuclear weapons stockpile as part of a wide-ranging review of security, defence and foreign policy, two newspapers said on Monday. The Guardian and The Sun said in their online editions that the country would look to raise the number of warheads from 180 to 260 by the […]
  • Iran rules out nuclear deal meeting, says time not ‘suitable’
    DefenceTalkIran on Sunday dismissed Europe’s offer for an informal meeting involving the United States on the troubled 2015 nuclear deal, saying the time is not “suitable” as Washington has failed to lift sanctions. The European Union’s political director earlier this month proposed the informal meeting involving all parties of the Vienna deal, a proposi...
  • Iran renews call to US to lift all sanctions imposed by Trump
    DefenceTalkIran on Friday renewed its call for the US to lift all sanctions imposed by former president Donald Trump, after an offer for talks from new President Joe Biden’s administration. Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif tweeted that Iran would “immediately reverse” its retaliatory measures if the US lifts “all sanctions imposed, re-imposed or re-...
  • Algerian general says France must take responsibility for nuke sites
    DefenceTalkFrance must “shoulder its historic responsibilities” for 1960s nuclear test sites in Algeria, a senior Algerian military official said in the influential army monthly El Djeich, published Sunday. France carried out 17 nuclear explosions in the Algerian part of the Sahara Desert between 1960 and 1966. Eleven of the tests came after the 1962 Evian […...

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Bechtel News - Nuclear, Security & Environmental

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energy/utilities-energy/power feed from realwire

energy/utilities-energy/power feed from realwire

Most recent 15 energy/utilities-energy/power articles distributed by realwire
  • energate launches energy news service in English
    (Essen, 15.09.21) The leading German energy news service 'energate messenger' is now also available in English. The 'energate messenger english edition' provides daily information on developments in the German and European energy markets. The newsletter is aimed at experts working in energy, consulting, finance and IT, whose focus lies on the German energy sector. The service i...
  • Brady Technologies acquires CRisk
    LONDON – Wednesday September 15th 2021: Brady Technologies (“Brady”), a leading provider of energy and commodities trading, risk and logistics management software, is pleased to announce that it has acquired CRisk, an enterprise risk management platform for the energy and commodities markets.CRisk’s software enables physical and financial trading partici...
  • Rajant And ESG Solutions Announce Strategic Partnership for Carrying Microseismic Data to Surface for Underground Mining
    Rajant Kinetic Mesh Wireless is the Backbone of ESG’s Digital Seismic Recorder Malvern, PA – September 9, 2021: Rajant Corporation, the provider of Kinetic Mesh® wireless networks, and ESG Solutions, an industry-leading microseismic solutions provider for the oil and gas, mining, and geotechnical industries, have completed successful testing with Rajant as the b...
  • Rajant Showcases Fully Mobile, Underground and Open-Pit Mine Autonomous Connectivity for MINExpo with Solution Partners
    Robots, Drones, Wearables, Tracking, and Teleremote Control Features of Live Video/Voice Demos Malvern, PA – September 7, 2021: Rajant Corporation, the provider of Kinetic Mesh® wireless networks, and a vast complement of its technology partners will be attending MINExpo taking place at the Convention Center in Las Vegas. The event runs September 13th to 15th, with Ra...
  • Centrica signs strategic partnership with ENSEK to accelerate digital transformation and help position the company for growth
    UK, 18th August, 2021 – Centrica plc has today signed a strategic partnership agreement with ENSEK, the leading global retail energy Software as a Service provider, which will see the company transfer over 7 million UK domestic and small business energy supply customers to the platform. Becoming one of the lowest-cost energy suppliers in the market is a key pillar of the ...
  • Personnel boost at bullfinch
    Climate FinTech hires all-star management team Frankfurt am Main, Germany, August 18, 2021 – bullfinch completes its management team by hiring top-level executives. Niko von Tippelskirch has been newly appointed to the executive management board and will take on the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO). Gabriele Donino has joined bullfinch as Chief Technology Officer...
  • Bamboo Systems Models How to Reduce Data Center Carbon Footprint with Arm Servers
    Bamboo’s new whitepaper crunches the numbers on x86 powered data centers vs those utilizing Arm servers CAMBRIDGE, ENGLAND AND SAN JOSE, CA – July 13, 2021 – Bamboo Systems, a provider of revolutionary Arm-based, enterprise-classed servers architected to meet the needs of today’s software design and data center demands, today released a whitepaper &ldquo...
  • Newable Finance brokerage launches Renewable Energy Finance solution ahead of UK governments plan for Net Zero
    Newable Finance have announced the launch of a brand-new Renewable Energy Finance team which will be headed up by Chris Russell, Head of Renewable Energy. Chris brings a decade of specialist experience in the sector. The sector will be a major growth area as businesses look to invest in more energy-efficient methods from both a financial and environmental prospective. Newable F...
  • Greentech firm Qualus secures additional £1 Million financing
    With patented polymer Sfere technology, Qualus is helping tanneries around the world reduce water consumption by up to 40% and chemicals by up to 15% LONDON – Qualus, the leading provider of sustainable solutions to the leather industry, has secured £1 million of financing in a round led by Irrus Investments, an Ireland based angel syndicate. Co-investors in the rou...
  • New survey shows 'Big Six' losing ground as challenger brands shake up the energy sector
    Big Six have lost 8 percent of market to challenger brands in three years Good customer service still the key to consumer trust Price remains the most important factor when choosing to switch provider Green credentials increasingly important for consumers wanting to switch 70 percent of 18-34 year olds want energy conservation advice Email still customers’ preferred chann...
  • Housing Technology Launches Transformative ‘Housing On Demand’ Streaming Platform - Launch Comment by Midge Ure (Musician), Lord John Bird (Big Issue)
    A new ‘on-demand’ streaming app is being launched by Housing Technology, the UK’s leading technology information service and broadcaster for the UK housing sector. The Housing Technology On-Demand app will deliver the expertise of technology leaders from the world of housing to those working in the sector around the clock. Topics range from the future of 3D pr...
  • Bullfinch AG and Aquila Capital launch Joint Investment Vehicle for energy-efficient assets
    Aquila Capital and bullfinch are pleased to announce the launch of a strategic joint investment vehicle intended to invest in energy efficiency assets across Europe. By combining Aquila Capital’s leading investment experience in real assets and renewable energy, with bullfinch’s unique expertise in decentralized renewable projects and next-gen technology platform, t...
  • Speedcast Selected to Expand Connectivity Solution to Future-Proof Stena Drilling Fleet
    Investment in digital transformation driving communications design enhancements for global drilling assets Aberdeen, United Kingdom — April 13, 2021 — Speedcast, the world’s most trusted communications and IT services provider, has announced it has secured a five-year contract with Stena Drilling to expand its existing communications service with a newly desig...
  • Emtelle to help Norlys achieve a more digital Denmark
    The collaboration worth 40 million kroner per year will ensure Norlys’ customers have high-speed fibre connectivity. Hawick, Scotland, 17 March 2021 – Emtelle, the leading global manufacturer of pre-connectorised blown fibre, cabling and ducted solutions, has today announced it has been awarded a three-year multi-million-kroner contract. Emtelle has been confirmed a...
  • Cleanwatts delivers real energy decarbonization
    Vowing to simplify, amplify and accelerate the energy transition, this new cleantech company brings to business and local communities around the world the benefits of smart energy efficiency services and access to affordable clean energy Portugal, 24, February 2021 - 2021 brings many new and exciting prospects, and Cleanwatts is one of them. Emerging from the tech company Virtu...
Solar powered Raspberry Pi 4 server stats: CPU 54% Memory 13% Swap 15% CPU temp=59.9'C Uptime 48 Days