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Nuclear Energy News -- ScienceDaily

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Atomic Insights

Atomic Insights

Atomic energy technology, politics, and perceptions from a nuclear energy insider who served as a US nuclear submarine engineer officer
  • Atomic Show #291 – Kalev Kallemets, Fermi Energia
    Fermi Energia is an Estonian company whose mission is to provide its home country with an independent, clean, safe and affordable electricity production system by 2035. That system will be anchored by base supply from small modular nuclear reactors. It is a lofty mission for a small company in a country whose land mass and […]
  • Preliminary lessons available to be learned from Feb 2021 extended cold spell
    A large number of “hot takes” are appearing now that the cold wave that began arriving on Feb 11, 2021 has moved into areas where sub-freezing temperatures in Feb are normal. If the politically charged nature of the takes could be harnessed, the energy released would be able to keep quite a few homes supplied […]
  • South Texas Project Unit 1 tripped at 0537 on Feb 15, 2021
    Update: South Texas Project Unit 1 started up during the afternoon of Feb 17. Vicki Rowland, lead for internal communications at STP Nuclear Operating Company, stated that the plant was connected to the grid at 2107 (9:07 pm central time). It began a steady ascent to 100% power. The NRC’s Power Reactor Status Report for […]
  • Atomic Show #290 – Myrto Tripathi, Voices of Nuclear
    Nuclear energy professionals are credible sources of information about a powerful technology that can help address climate change and contribute to humanity’s development. Voices of Nuclear is an international non-profit group that seeks to empower nuclear supporters, both professionals in the industry and allies outside of the industry, with tools, organization and effec...
  • Change is in the wind: Commencing a new phase as a Venture Capitalist
    Atomic energy is a tool that is capable of helping address some of humanity’s most wicked challenges. Clean, abundant, reliable and affordable power makes everything we do a little easier and is becoming increasing urgent in the era of climate change. Unfortunately, atomic energy is a long way from reaching its potential or even achieving […]
  • Atomic Show #289 – All Reactors Large and Small
    Pro-nuclear advocates generally agree that there is a large and growing need for new nuclear power plants to meet energy demands with less impact on the planet and its atmosphere. There is frequent, sometimes passionate discussion about the most appropriate reactor sizes, technologies and specific uses. Atomic Show #289 is a lively discussion among some […]
  • Atomic Show #288 – Per Peterson, CNO, Kairos Power
    Kairos Power Is developing a truly new nuclear fission power technology. Their KP-FHR (Kairos Power – Fluoride Salt Cooled, High Temperature Reactor) combines the solid fuel form usually associated with gas-cooled reactors with the fluoride molten salt often associated with fluid-fuel reactors. For Atomic Show #288, my guest was Dr. Per Peterson, Kairos Power’s chie...
  • Kenneth Pitzer blamed AEC advisors for slow power reactor development
    During the Atomic Energy Commission’s (AEC) earliest years, the General Advisory Committee was sometimes viewed as a source of discouraging, delaying advice. Made up of selected members of the scientific establishment, the group habitually sought more studies and inserted costly delays aimed at making the perfect next step instead of taking steps that were good […]
  • Why did the US Atomic Energy Commission kill Daniels Pile in 1947?
    In January 1947, after more than a year of focused public attention and debate, the civilian U.S. Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) took control of all atomic energy matters from the Manhattan District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. This takeover was a major victory for the atomic scientists and others who worked diligently to […]
  • How did an oil shale investor hamstring his atomic energy competition? (Ancient but impactful smoking gun)
    During the contentious effort that resulted in passage of the Atomic Energy Act of 1946, Sen Eugene D. Milliken (R-CO) played an important role in establishing an attempted US government monopoly over all atomic energy information. During the House-Senate conference committee to resolve differences between versions of the bill passed by the two legislative bodies, […]
  • Improved atomic energy offers a pathway that Princeton’s Net Zero America failed to acknowledge
    Princeton’s Net Zero America: Potential Pathways, Infrastructure and Impacts charts five challenging, tortuous, investment-intensive paths to “net-zero” by 2050. A presentation that contains 345 slides of text, colorful graphs and wide area maps provides details about the selected scenarios. The Princeton research team promises peer-reviewe...
  • Adams Engines™: Design Concepts
    In the spring of 1991, I began contemplating ways to combine the benefits of gas turbine power plants with the incredible advantages of nuclear fuels like uranium, plutonium and thorium. That effort has continued sporadically for many years with many interesting impacts on my life. It was impetus for a small modular reactor start-up company […]
  • Will heavy nitrogen become a widely used fission reactor coolant?
    Heavy nitrogen has the potential to become as important to the future of atomic fission power system development as heavy water has been up until now. That’s a bold statement, so let me explain why I believe it’s true. Are any nitrogen cooled reactors being used today? One nuclear fission power system – the US […]
  • Is there a conspiracy against nuclear energy?
    I have been accused of being a conspiracy theorist for pointing out the blindlingly obvious fact that nuclear energy competes for markets against fossil fuels. There is abundant evidence showing how hydrocarbon interests have worked to spread fear, uncertainty and doubt about nuclear power. Since the stories are spread over the 80 year period since […]
  • Atomic Show #287 – Darren Gale, VP Commercial Operations, X-Energy talks about Xe-100
    X-Energy is the lead recipient for one of two industry groups selected to receive $80 M in Department of Energy (DOE) funding as part of a public-private partnership program to demonstrate advanced nuclear power plants on an aggressive time table. Its primary partner in the endeavor is Energy Northwest, which currently owns and operates the […]

Energy News

Energy News
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Short, timely articles with graphics on energy facts, issues, and trends.
  • Cold weather brings near record-high natural gas spot prices
    Natural gas spot prices at several trading hubs approached their record highs briefly during the week of February 14 amid significantly colder-than-normal weather that affected most of the Lower 48 states. The cold weather led to natural gas supply and demand imbalances. Natural gas production declined because of freeze-offs (temporary interruptions in production caused by cold...
  • Texas and Florida had large small-scale solar capacity increases in 2020
    TAs of December 2020, the states with the most small-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity were California (10.6 gigawatts (GW)), New Jersey (1.9 GW), and Massachusetts (1.8 GW). Of the 4.5 GW of small-scale solar capacity added in the United States in 2020, California accounted for 31%, the largest share by far. Although Texas and Florida have less total small-scale solar cap...
  • The United States installed more wind turbine capacity in 2020 than in any other year
    In both 2019 and 2020, project developers in the United States installed more wind power capacity than any other generating technology. According to data recently published by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) in its Preliminary Monthly Electric Generator Inventory, annual wind turbine capacity additions in the United States set a record in 2020, totaling 14.2 gi...
  • Annual U.S. natural gas production decreased by 1% in 2020
    U.S. natural gas production—as measured by gross withdrawals—averaged 111.2 billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/d) in 2020, down 0.9 billion Bcf/d from 2019 as result of a decline in drilling activity related to low natural gas and oil prices in 2020.
  • Cold weather led to refinery shutdowns in U.S. Gulf Coast region
    The cold snap that affected much of the central part of the country in mid-February disrupted energy systems, particularly in and around Texas. In the U.S. Gulf Coast, where the petroleum infrastructure has rarely operated in sub-zero temperatures, several refineries fully or partially shut down, leading to the largest reduction in Gulf Coast refinery operations in several year...
  • Cold weather results in near-record withdrawals from underground natural gas storage
    Significant demand for natural gas in mid-February led to the second-largest reported withdrawal of natural gas from storage in the United States, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration's (EIA) Weekly Natural Gas Storage Report (WNGSR). Weekly stocks fell by 338 billion cubic feet (Bcf) in the week ending February 19, 2021, nearly three times the average withdr...

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Nuclear and wmd news covering nuclear an chemical weapons, nuclear proliferation and arms control.
  • Iran rules out nuclear deal meeting, says time not ‘suitable’
    DefenceTalkIran on Sunday dismissed Europe’s offer for an informal meeting involving the United States on the troubled 2015 nuclear deal, saying the time is not “suitable” as Washington has failed to lift sanctions. The European Union’s political director earlier this month proposed the informal meeting involving all parties of the Vienna deal, a proposi...
  • Iran renews call to US to lift all sanctions imposed by Trump
    DefenceTalkIran on Friday renewed its call for the US to lift all sanctions imposed by former president Donald Trump, after an offer for talks from new President Joe Biden’s administration. Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif tweeted that Iran would “immediately reverse” its retaliatory measures if the US lifts “all sanctions imposed, re-imposed or re-...
  • Algerian general says France must take responsibility for nuke sites
    DefenceTalkFrance must “shoulder its historic responsibilities” for 1960s nuclear test sites in Algeria, a senior Algerian military official said in the influential army monthly El Djeich, published Sunday. France carried out 17 nuclear explosions in the Algerian part of the Sahara Desert between 1960 and 1966. Eleven of the tests came after the 1962 Evian […...
  • US extends New START nuclear treaty with Russia as rifts rise
    DefenceTalkUS President Joe Biden’s administration Wednesday extended the New START nuclear treaty with Russia by five years, saying it hoped to prevent an arms race despite rising tensions with Moscow, including over its imprisonment of opposition leader Alexei Navalny. One day before the treaty was set to expire, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the […]
  • Delicate dance: handing off the US ‘nuclear football’
    DefenceTalkWhen an outgoing president hands the keys to the White House to the incoming one, another discrete handover takes place: the systems and codes for the US leader to launch a nuclear strike. On Wednesday Donald Trump’s huffy refusal to attend successor Joe Biden’s inauguration created an unprecedented challenge. Trump travelled to Florida three hours [&hell...
  • Biden urged to renounce sole control of US nuclear weapons
    DefenceTalkA former US defense secretary has called on President-elect Joe Biden to reform the system that gives sole control of the nation’s nuclear arsenal to the president, calling it “outdated, unnecessary and extremely dangerous.” The call from William Perry came the same day US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke with the nation’s top military leader ...
  • Iran has nothing to gain from halting inspections: Grossi
    DefenceTalkIran has nothing to gain from ending inspections of its nuclear facilities, the head of the UN’s nuclear watchdog warned as tensions rise after a top Iranian nuclear scientist was assassinated. In an interview with AFP after a year in office, IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi issued the appeal in response to calls by Iranian […]
  • Nuclear weapons ban treaty nears coming into force
    DefenceTalkAn international treaty banning nuclear weapons is on the verge of coming into force, campaigners said Wednesday, with the last few necessary ratifications expected within weeks. The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons — which bans the use, development, production, testing, stationing, stockpiling and threat of use of such weapons — was adopted b...
  • Russia offers US one-year freeze on nuclear warhead numbers
    DefenceTalkRussia said on Tuesday it was ready to offer the United States a mutual one-year freeze on the number of nuclear warheads held by both countries in order to extend a landmark arms reduction deal due to expire next year. “Russia offers to extend the New START by one year and is ready to take […]
  • North Korea flouting nuclear sanctions: UN report
    DefenceTalkNorth Korea is violating international sanctions aimed at curbing its nuclear programme by exceeding a cap on petroleum imports and sending its workers overseas, including a former Juventus footballer, the United Nations said. Pyongyang is subject to a range of restrictions imposed since 2017 that limit its oil imports and ban exports of coal, fish […]

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Bechtel News - Nuclear, Security & Environmental

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energy/utilities-energy/power feed from realwire

energy/utilities-energy/power feed from realwire

Most recent 15 energy/utilities-energy/power articles distributed by realwire
  • Cleanwatts delivers real energy decarbonization
    Vowing to simplify, amplify and accelerate the energy transition, this new cleantech company brings to business and local communities around the world the benefits of smart energy efficiency services and access to affordable clean energy Portugal, 24, February 2021 - 2021 brings many new and exciting prospects, and Cleanwatts is one of them. Emerging from the tech company Virtu...
  • SolarArise commissions 75 MW Solar Plant in Uttar Pradesh
    Zurich, 27 January 2021. ThomasLloyd announced today that SolarArise India Projects Private Limited (“SolarArise”) has commissioned a 75 Megawatt (“MW”) Solar PV plant in Khera village, Budaun District, state of Uttar Pradesh delivering clean energy to over 100,000 people in Northern India. In 2018, ThomasLloyd, a leader in impacting investing in emergin...
  • Brady grows sales bookings threefold in 2020 and signs leading customers Falck and BASF
    BASF, Tangent Trading and Falck Renewable SpA join roster of 130+ global customers including Toyota and Koch Brady voted number one in metal trading software market for 11th year by Commodity Technology Advisory Ed Addario joins as CTO and Chris Regan appointed as Product Director London, Cambridge, UK: 17th December 2020. Brady Technologies, a market leader in global commoditi...
  • New partnership to support sustainable renewable energy in Southeast Asia
    The Southeast Asia Energy Transition Partnership aims to help countries in the region transition from using fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy, in line with the Paris Agreement on climate change. The partnership aims to support sustainable energy transition in Southeast Asia while helping to create socio-economic opportunities. It will initially focus on Indonesia, the...
  • International Day of Action on Forest Biomass sees demand for subsidies overhaul swell across Europe
    Biofuelwatch leads seventy five groups signing an open letter to BEIS opposing biomass subsidies; Cut Carbon Not Forests campaign continues to raise awareness and controversy among British public; EU petition brings together international NGOs to put an end to incentives for burning forest wood LONDON – 24th November, 2020 – Today is International Day of Action on F...
  • SVOLT's 24-GWh Battery Cell Factory Comes to Germany
    Chinese high-tech company invests up to EUR 2 billion in two Saarland production sites SVOLT intends to establish two production sites in Germany by the end of 2023. A total investment of EUR 2 billion is planned; SVOLT will create up to 2,000 jobs in total. A module and pack factory as well as a state-of-the-art cell factory with 24 GWh production capacity in the final expansi...
  • Mitsubishi Power Receives Order for First Solid Oxide Fuel Cell in Europe
    Highly efficient plant supplies electricity and heat – Flexible use with hydrogen DUISBURG (GERMANY), 28 October, 2020 - Mitsubishi Power has recently received an order to supply the first Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) in Europe. The highly efficient hybrid system will be put into operation at the Gas- und Wärme-Institut Essen e.V. (GWI) in Essen by March 2022. Among ...
  • Good Energy and ENSEK partner to accelerate renewable energy supply for businesses
    Nottingham, UK – 27 October 2020 – ENSEK, the leading software supplier to UK energy providers, is today announcing that 100% renewable power company Good Energy is moving its entire B2B supply business onto ENSEK’s Ignition platform. The move will enhance customer experience and support the launch of new services for Good Energy’s business customers. Th...
  • Tickd launches to transform the way small businesses interact with the energy market
    Nottingham, UK – 16th Sept 2020: Tickd, powered by ENSEK, launches the first fully digital switching and energy account service for small businesses. Customers can get a quote, select their supplier and tariff, then switch their energy in the space of 90 seconds. Tickd is fully integrated with ENSEK’s Software as a Service platform, the company and technology behind...
  • InfoSaaS and Axora partner to transform the processes and costs of ISO management system certifications for oil, gas and mining sectors
    Cloud-based solution enable remote audits for far-flung, difficult-to-reach or even quarantined sites London – 15th September 2020 – InfoSaaS and Axora have concluded a partnership agreement intended to transform the processes and costs of achieving and retaining information security, data protection and business compliance ISO management system certifications for c...
  • Noesis Low-Code Solutions excelling in the Netherlands
    Noesis is fuelling Digital Transformation by offering 6 (Proof of Concept) based on OutSystems technology International tech consulting company Noesis continues to expand its presence in the Netherlands, strongly supported on Low-Code Solutions and OutSystems technology. Noesis and OutSystems have a long-lasting partnership, since 2008, with Noesis consistently reinforcing its ...
  • WEBS onshore wind industry report delivers insights to drive more profitable O&M strategies
    Launched today, the WEBS Annual Publication 2020 has unveiled a number of critical deep dive insights into the onshore wind industry that will have a major impact on owner/operators driving better returns on asset O&M during the year ahead. The WEBS report analyses three years’ worth of data from 75 windfarms located throughout eight countries totalling more than 2GW ...
  • Natural Power opens 12th global office – Colorado
    Natural Power, a leading renewable energy consultancy and service provider, has opened its 12th global office, located in Golden, Colorado. This is the company’s third North American location adding to New York and Seattle. Initially, there will be four keys members of the team here supporting clients in both solar and onshore wind sectors: Chris Mertes (PE), Head of Advi...
  • Natural Power advises Crédit Mutuel Equity in aventron deal
    Leading renewable energy consultancy and service provider, Natural Power, has acted as technical adviser to the French private equity specialist Crédit Mutuel Equity for its CHF 30 million acquisition of aventron’s renewable energy portfolio consisting of a large number of wind, solar and hydro assets located throughout six European countries. Natural Power’s...
  • ENSEK expands into Europe with acquisition of NrgFin
    Nottingham, UK – 5th August 2020: ENSEK, the leading software supplier to UK energy providers, today announced the acquisition of NrgFin, a Benelux-based consultancy and data analytics company. The deal is part of ENSEK’s growth strategy to expand into new international territories within Western Europe, as well as pursuing wider growth opportunities in the UK. With...
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