Windows 7 to 10

RadLog Professional

RadLog submits your readings from your geiger counter to Unzip before running the installer. You can connect your counter via serial link, bluetooth and audio. Share data, analyse your readings, browse your data history, export graphs and data.

The application requires the .NET framework 4.0, so ensure you have this installed prior to running the application installer. Suitable for Windows 7 thru to 10. Note if you are using Windows 7 or 8/8.1 you may need to update your operating system to support newer ssl certificates. If you can reach with Internet Explorer, then Radlog should run on that operating system.

If you are using a USB-TTL converter, then check your device manager to see what COM port it is attached to. Speed is usually 9600 baud or 2400 baud.

Download the RadLog software V0.43 here. Please report bugs to the forum. This has working Shared Data, Radio modes and more.

The software and website is provided free of charge, if you find it useful please consider donating to support development. Thank you!

Download the older RadLog software V0.41 here. This has Lite/Pro modes, everyone gets Pro when they are registered to submit data. Make sure you register on the site, enter the data sending password and use your username and that password in RadLog and restart it. Then you'll get all features. This version is retired and Shared Data system does not work. It is available for those with compatibility issues. Please report any compatibility issues to the forum if you are struggling with V0.43.


New version V0.43!
(was) Working shared data system
Browsable log with analysis
Audio counting mode
Caters for all standard units used worldwide
Customisable graphs
Audio pulse analysis
Customisable alert and warning emails
Beacon and QRRS radio modes
and more!


Linux and other platforms

Tadeusz, station pl_gdn_1 in Poland has written a Python script for submitting readings via the command line. This opens up a whole world of computers for submitting measurements, your Linux server, Raspberry Pi etc. Thank you Tadeusz for your excellent work!

Thimo, station ThibmoRozier the Netherlands has taken over the project to add some significant improvements. Audio pulse counting via your PC mic socket or line in is now possible, allowing you to connect any geiger counter to your computer that does not have serial communications. It has two flavours which can read one or two geiger counters at the same time. Most users will want the single counter version Thank you Thimo for improving the project!

Confirmed to work on Raspberry Pi!

Download here. To keep up to date with any development versions and new features check the pyradmon forum here. Check the documentation on the sourceforge page for any changes to the installation instructions. Raspberry PI installation instructions are here. was recently updated to work with support for Python3 and can be found over in the forum here:


GK DIYGeiger

DIYGeiger are kits provided by BroHogan - GKRadmon and GK-WiFi. There are 3 models of kits described. The first two are the RadMon monitoring kits that are standalone Geiger counters that send their readings to IOT sites on the internet. The 3rd model - GK-WiFi - provides the same IOT capability in an add-on kit for the GK-B5, GK-Mini, and GK-Plus Geiger kits. They run from a low power microcontroller and are ideal for when a PC or other small computer is inconvenient, e.g. for an outdoor monitoring station. They are certainly cheaper too!



There are a few examples of Arduino code running on different platforms (Uno, ESP8266, ESP32) over in the forum.

Head on over to the Arduino code forum topic here:



OM1AMJ wrote a set of BASH scripts for sending readings to with bare minimum resource usage. Great work!
See the forum thread here:


Other programs compatible with

Radiation Logger

This software allows you to upload to and Xively at the same time.

Radiation Logger by RH Electronics


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