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Wuhan coronavirus

4 years 1 month ago #5594 by Simomax
Replied by Simomax on topic Wuhan coronavirus
Interesting interview from Rebel News. Worth a watch. 29 mins.

Exposing the Chinese communist origin of the Wuhan virus: Interview w/ Epoch Times' Joshua Philipp

Joshua Philipp of The Epoch Times joined Ezra Levant to discuss the true nature of the Chinese communist party and his new documentary on the origin of COVID-19.

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4 years 1 month ago - 4 years 1 month ago #5595 by Simomax
Replied by Simomax on topic Wuhan coronavirus
Total confirmed cases are at 73,758, with 8681 new cases, up 4377 (67.4% increase) on yesterday. Total deaths are 8,958, with 980 new deaths, up 99 (10.6% increase) on yesterday. Total tested this (24h) period, 13184.

As of 9am on 10 April, 316,836 tests have concluded across the UK, with 19,116 tests carried out on 9 April. Some individuals are tested more than once for clinical reasons.
256,605 people have been tested, of whom 73,758 tested positive.
As of 5pm on 9 April, of those hospitalised in the UK who tested positive for coronavirus, 8,958 have died.

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4 years 1 month ago #5601 by Simomax
Replied by Simomax on topic Wuhan coronavirus
I really could not be bothered doing the news thing yesterday, there wasn't much of real interest anyway, so here is a round-up of yesterday's and today's news.

UK News:
Child, 11, becomes one of Britain's youngest coronavirus victims as Covid-19 claims 917 lives in the last 24 hours - down from yesterday's record 980

Boris Johnson makes 'very good progress' out of intensive care

Matt Hancock says 19 NHS staff have died from coronavirus during frontline fight against killer bug

Matt Hancock blasted by nurses chief who says medics are NOT ‘abusing or overusing’ PPE on covid-19 frontline

NHS workers' lives at risk over PPE shortages, says BMA

UK hunger crisis: 1.5m people go whole day without food

Coronavirus coughers who spat at emergency workers given BIG jail sentences

Police threaten to pepper spray man for ‘delivering food to vulnerable relatives’ and warn neighbour ‘you’ll be next’

Government must be 'completely honest' about COVID-19 deaths because 'we really don't know the full picture'

Theory behind why UK coronavirus death toll appears to rise sharply on Tuesdays

UK will have to live with some restrictions until coronavirus vaccine is developed, say officials, as new survey reveals that nine out of 10 Britons are observing 'stay home' advice after 980 daily death toll

Coronavirus vaccine could be ready for September, claims leading Oxford professor

Brits to live with coronavirus restrictions until vaccine is developed which ‘could take around 18 months’

World News:
Donald Trump prepares task force to lift coronavirus lockdown but health experts warn it is too soon

Apple and Google team up to contact trace Covid-19

China clamping down on coronavirus research, deleted pages suggest

Brazil's president rejects COVID-19 as a 'little flu' and ignores distancing rules

South Korea to use wristbands to track people who defy quarantine rules

Spain's coronavirus death toll surpasses 16,000-mark but 510 increase is the LOWEST for 19 days as millions advised to wear masks on public transport from Monday

China Delays Mask and Ventilator Exports After Quality Complaints

China reports 46 new coronavirus cases

WHO looks into report of Covid patients testing positive after negative tests

Now New York Governor Andrew Cuomo blasts WHO for not warning about coronavirus

Coronavirus hits remote Amazon tribe in Brazil as 15-year-old boy dies with COVID-19

WHO warned of transmission risk in January, despite Trump claims

Mass graves dug in New York to bury coronavirus victims without family

India sets up 1,200 'containment zones' as people banned from leaving home
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4 years 1 month ago #5602 by Simomax
Replied by Simomax on topic Wuhan coronavirus
New cases are down on yesterday but apart from that very much the same as yesterday.

Total confirmed cases are at 78,991, with 5233 new cases, down 3448 (49.5% decrease) on yesterday. Total deaths are 9,875, with 917 new deaths, down 63 (6.6% decrease) on yesterday. Total tested this (24h) period, 12993.

As of 9am on 11 April, 334,974 tests have concluded across the UK, with 18,091 tests carried out on 10 April.
269,598 people have been tested, of whom 78,991 tested positive.
As of 5pm on 10 April, of those hospitalised in the UK who tested positive for coronavirus, 9,875 have died.

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4 years 1 month ago #5606 by Simomax
Replied by Simomax on topic Wuhan coronavirus
(UK) NHS staff forbidden from speaking out publicly about coronavirus

Healthcare professionals are being silenced and threatened with disciplinary action for speaking out about their work during the coronavirus outbreak, the Guardian can reveal.

Many NHS staff are increasingly concerned that their ability to share stories about their work is being restricted by a clampdown on speaking out publicly.

It follows reports of doctors and nurses being gagged by hospitals and other NHS bodies from speaking out about widespread shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE). Tactics have included threatening emails, the possibility of disciplinary action, and some people even being sent home from work.


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4 years 1 month ago #5607 by Simomax
Replied by Simomax on topic Wuhan coronavirus
UK News:
Boris Johnson leaves hospital as he continues recovery from coronavirus

UK could be 'worst affected' country in Europe

'We need to be doing more' on PPE, minister admits - but refuses to apologise

Three more nurses die after testing positive for COVID-19

UK spy agencies urge China rethink once Covid-19 crisis is over

Revealed: value of UK pandemic stockpile fell by 40% in six years

Malaria drug hailed a 'game changer' by Donald Trump is used in NHS hospitals for first time to treat coronavirus patients despite controversy over its effectiveness

World News:
US government gave $3.7million to Wuhan lab accused of sparking coronavirus outbreak with experiments on bats

How China muzzled its Bat Woman: Beijing authorities hushed up the findings of a scientist who unlocked the genetic make-up of the coronavirus within days of the outbreak - which is vital for tests and vaccines

China clamps down on research into the origins of coronavirus as officials demand the right to vet scientific papers

Lives on the line: Dozens of Moscow ambulances queue for up to 15 HOURS outside hospitals as Kremlin declares 'state of emergency'

Five months on, what scientists now know about the coronavirus

Spain coronavirus daily death toll rises again by 619 to total of nearly 17,000

US coronavirus death toll overtakes Italy's as highest in the world

India to extend nationwide lockdown, state minister says

Bill Gates calls for global agreements on masks, treatments and vaccines

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