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Wuhan coronavirus

4 years 1 month ago #5509 by Simomax
Replied by Simomax on topic Wuhan coronavirus
My apologies, the ONS figure was 201 (up to March 25th). It isn't really significant and we don't know which days the deaths were on. As it stands it is just 'another 201 deaths' from ?? to March 25th.


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4 years 1 month ago - 4 years 1 month ago #5511 by Simomax
Replied by Simomax on topic Wuhan coronavirus
Johnson & Johnson vows to make 'not-for-profit' vaccine

Italy sees near-identical number of coronavirus infections and deaths as yesterday, as hopes remain that the country has flattened the curve

Russia includes jail terms to enforce crackdown

The temporary hospitals being planned for Wales for coronavirus patients

Terrifying spike in coronavirus deaths puts US on road to overtake China's toll

UK considers virus-tracing app to ease lockdown

Ministers are told to get a grip on coronavirus testing after NHS swabbing stations stand DESERTED, 'loophole' leaves thousands of kits unused and UK firm says it's shipping millions of tests abroad because labs here 'can't cope'

UK labs 'can process tens of thousands more tests'

Coronavirus does spread through the air and lingers in rooms long after patients have left, study finds

Worst-hit German district to become coronavirus ‘laboratory’

UK coronavirus response criticized as people are filmed by drones and stopped while shopping

Wild goats take over deserted Welsh town during coronavirus lockdown
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4 years 1 month ago #5512 by Simomax
Replied by Simomax on topic Wuhan coronavirus
National Guardsman At NY Testing Center Says Media Has Overblown COVID19 Pandemic "It's the Flu!"

This one is on a channel whose owner wears a much bigger tin foil hat than I. I haven't verified the person in the video, so use discernment.
Why You CANNOT and Will NEVER "Catch" Coronavirus

I don't know if anyone else is picking up on this, but it seems to me that there are two counter arguments starting with regard to COVID-19. That the governments are portraying; that this is a very dangerous virus outbreak and we must oppress every man woman and child for their own good, and those from other people, what I suppose you would call as conspiracy theorists stating the opposite, that this is no big deal really. It is starting to become quite difficult to work out what is factually correct and weeding through the headlines of overreacting MSM is becoming a bit of a chore. Such as headlines like this:
Death toll rises at Blackpool Victoria Hospital as confirmed cases continue to rocket
Upon reading the article it is two. Two people have died in one of the biggest hospitals in Lancashire, with a case total of........ wait for it.......18. Yup, just 18 cases in the whole of Blackpool (and if correct, that 18 would include the two dead.) I'm starting to wonder if there is some kind of underground campaign to create disinformation one way or another. If there is, I haven't figured out which way it is going. It just seems there is a lot more crap about. This could be because the story is getting a little old now so the MSM are doing what they can to keep it sensational, and also given more time for people to get the wrong idea, or the right one.... Bleh, And now on BBC news on TV, some Russian saying it is an American biological weapon. I have started to understand that if the BBC puts a Russian on saying it is an American weapon, it is probably not.... but makes a good story!
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4 years 1 month ago #5513 by mw0uzo
Replied by mw0uzo on topic Wuhan coronavirus
Bodies piling up in NY hospital

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4 years 1 month ago #5514 by Simomax
Replied by Simomax on topic Wuhan coronavirus
Total confirmed cases are at 29,474, with 4324 new cases, up 1315 (35.8% increase) on yesterday. Total deaths are 1789, with 563 new deaths, up 182 (38.5% increase) on yesterday. Total tested this (24h) period, 9793.

As of 9am on 1 April 2020, 152,979 people have been tested, of which 29,474 were confirmed positive.
As of 5pm on 31 March 2020, of those hospitalised in the UK who tested positive for coronavirus, 2,352 have died.

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4 years 1 month ago #5515 by Simomax
Replied by Simomax on topic Wuhan coronavirus
News.... I have split up into UK and world news.


Only 30 British-built ventilators to arrive in NHS next week, government admits

Only 2,000 NHS staff tested for coronavirus out of 1,300,000 workforce

Firms ramp up prices on coronavirus PPE gear by up to 1,000% pushing care homes towards collapse

GRIM REAPER Be prepared to see death – most coronavirus patients on ventilators will die, NHS Nightingale staff warned

Southend Hospital staff could 'limit work' over protective equipment

One million Covid-19 test kits are arriving in the coming week, but will they be deployed to hospitals?

UK and France almost exactly follow Italy and Spain's 'painful upward path' over coronavirus


Wuhan coronavirus whistleblower doctor 'goes missing' sparking detention fears

Italy records lowest coronavirus death toll for a week

US coronavirus death toll doubles within three days as it soars to more than 4,000 and overtakes China's 3,300 fatal cases - with more than 40 percent of the fatalities coming from New York

Japan is 'on the brink' as it struggles to contain coronavirus and its medical system could collapse, health chief and minister warn

China 'finds new coronavirus strain that lasts for 49 days' in infected patient

HEADING FOR DISASTER Sweden’s refusal to enter coronavirus lockdown leaving schools and pubs open ‘will lead to catastrophe’, doctors warn

Stacks of coronavirus urns and queues for ashes at crematorium cast more doubt on China’s official death toll of 2,500

Singing stops in Italy as fear and social unrest mount
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