Email alerts for everyone! (Not just Radlog users)

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10 months 2 weeks ago - 10 months 2 weeks ago #6498 by Simomax
I learned a few days ago that the email alerts only work with Radlog (they are actually sent from Radlog.exe), so it has not been possible to receive an email alert from any other counter that submits to So I fixed it, and now you can!   Email alerts or everyone!

To use the email alerts simply go to your profile, set a valid email address in the Alert email field, and turn alerts on (Shown below.) Also check your alert CPM level and adjust to your preference. The Alert email address is separate from your login email address, so you must fill in a valid email address to receive the alerts. They will not be automatically sent to your login email address. The email address is also validated for formatting to ensure the @'s and dots etc are all correct. It does not validate whether the email address is actually valid or not, so take care entering the email address. Alert emails are only sent for alerts. They are not sent or warnings.

When your station goes into alert radmon will send a single email stating your station has gone into alert. It won't send any more until your station's CPM falls below the alert threshold. If your station goes into alert again radmon will send another email and then agian no more until your station drops out of alert. This is done to minimize spam. You may want to add the address 'This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.' to your safe senders list, or mark as not spam as the alert email may go to your spam folder.

Radlog users can take advantage of this email alert, or use the Radlog email alert, or both, or none. The Radlog email alert settings are separate from the email alert settings and are not synchronized with each other. 

To set the email and turn alerts on please do the following:

1, Click the 'Profile' button on the navigation bar at the top.

2, Click 'Edit Profile' at the top right, under the navigation bar.

3, Enter an email address where your would like your alerts to go to in the 'Alert Email' field.
4, Turn on alerts.
5, Set alert CPM threshold if you want to change it.
6, Click the 'Submit' button at the bottom.

Please note the settings will go into effect after your station next submits. 

If you are testing this and don't receive an alert email then check your email address is correct, and also check on the 'Alerts' page to see if your station is or has actually gone into alert. If you think everything is correct the please let me know and I will look into it. We (Dan and I) think the email issue has been fixed, but time will tell. Oh! And check your junk/spam folder!

Any questions or issues please let me know!

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