A bit of an update.

Hello all! I hope you are well and your stations are ticking along nicely. This is just a quick update on what has or has not been happening lately. First the has not's. The new control panel hasn't progressed much since I last mentioned it over on the forum. I have hit a brick wall with trying to integrate PHP MYSQL HTML forms into Joomla, because.... Joomla. Joomla is basically a re-write engine with tight security and it looks like it requires a very specific and ultra complicated (for me!) way of integrating it all. Writing a Joomla module may be a better option which I yet have to explore. If there are any Joomla aficionados out there that can help and are willing to, especially if you have done this kind of thing before then please get in touch.

Emails are looking good. Better than they were, but still some tweaks to make. We have gone from random emails disappearing into the ether to the emails landing in junk. A very kind user with a lot of knowledge in this area has kindly offered help and sent in a lot of info so we know what needs to be changed, so is just a matter of time now. The main issue was the DNS was improperly configured and that has been solved now, and so far every user that has registered has received the registration verification email.

Email alerts for all stations has been implemented and not just those using Radlog. Any station that submits to radmon.org can receive an email alert when the threshold in your profile is exceeded. See this post here: https://radmon.org/index.php/forum/howtos-and-faqs/1331-email-alerts-for-everyone-not-just-radlog-users

We have been working on email notifications for private messages in radmon.org. Previously when users received a private message they weren't sent any notification. After a bit of config wrangling we now have email notifications when a private message arrives in your inbox. It needs tweaks as they are landing in junk until marked as 'not junk'. We are currently working to get this working properly. For the time being please check your junk folder for any registration/alert/notification emails.

I have implemented a minimum submission interval of 30 seconds for all stations. Some stations have been logging every 5 or 10 seconds and it does nothing more than bloat the database. If a station now submits in less than 30 seconds it just drops the submission. More about that here: https://radmon.org/index.php/forum/radmon-org-news/1332-minimum-submission-time

Users that have kindly donated to radmon.org now have a data retention period of 5 years. Users that have not donated have a data retention period of 2 years. This doesn't mean much right now until something is written to drill down into past records, which will be done all in good time.

The server moved two months ago and now sits on the end of a Gigabit fiber connection. The server and network hardware all seem to be very stable with the new connection. The server did have a little wobble yesterday that was due to it overheating. Dan made some adjustments to the cooling system and that seems to have solved the issue.

There have been some great posts over on the forum lately. Users writing custom firmware for commercial Geiger counters, some quite impressive iterations of ESP8266 and ESP32 counter firmware and custom hardware too, more posts and information of counters/tubes and radioactive sources. And if you are a new user then head over to the forum and say hi!

Be good and happy radmonauting!
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