We're on Twitter!

As requested by some users we have setup a Twitter account where we can send out service alerts and updates. We will use this for service status alerts and to announce major updates to Radmon.org, as well as this blog and forum.

You can follow us @Radmon_org on Twitter, or go to https://twitter.com/Radmon_org and clicky on the follow button.

Primarily this will be used to inform you of server down time and outages, as some users became a little worried after the last outage (as did I). But fear not, Radmon is here to stay and despite what will come to challenge us, we will endevour to keep Radmon running for as long as people want to use it. So hop over to Twitter and follow @Radmon_org. (That's an underscore, not a dot ;-) )

Happy radmonauting!
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