Finally, at long last I have managed to get a decent control panel working! This control panel is where you can set the parameters for your station, such as description, warning and alert levels, latitude and longitude for where it is seen on the map etc.

This has replaced the 'Fields' section in users' profile. Previously, the settings for the station were copied across from the user profile 'Fields' when a station submitted a reading. Implementing the control panel has removed the need for some quite complex functions and simplified the whole process and should free up some precious Raspberry Pi CPU cycles!

The control panel as it is right now is simply a start. I plan on adding features there for things like looking at historic readings between a certain date, or removing a handful of false alert readings or whatever else i think of or is suggested. The first feature I will add, and what I am currently working on now, is multiple per user. This would mean that you wouldn't need to sign up for a new account for each station you have. It is going to be a bit of a challenge implementing this at first, not because of complex code or anything like that; the real challenge lies with migrating stations over from different accounts. How to go about that? I could spend a couple of days writing code so a user can do this themselves. I.e. click a button, type in the station name and password that you want to migrate and boom, done. Or I could simply do this manually and would take me probably less than an hour as there are only a handful of users, which I know of, with multiple stations. They are pretty easy to spot as the station names are usually somewhat similar. Then that would leave the old, redundant user accounts, and what to do with those.

There is a lot of cruft that has accumulated from changes in the past to radmon core, implementing Joomla for the front end, users that could never get their stations working properly, just old, redundant things of no worth. So whilst I am right under the hood of, I might as well have a good tidy up too. The general plan is to implement multiple stations per user, migrate over stations to one user account, clean out the cruft. We will probably be updating some system components soon also, so we will be taking down for a short time to get a full image of the system and make the updates. I'll give you good notice before we do that, and you can keep an eye out on our Twitter page (here) for notifications/service announcements, things like that.

Be good and happy Geigering!
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