Performance upgrades to the system

9 years 3 months ago #810 by Frank
Really, and they made it sound like you were hogging it with tons of data? So glad your back online !!! :)

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9 years 3 months ago #811 by mw0uzo
Note to everyone:

Further donations will be put towards a proper rack server, installation of ethernet to where it will live and an upgrade of the internet connection as and when required. This server made from an old PC will do for now until enough has been raised to get an older quad core machine with a nice wodge of memory, a new ssd system disk and a new set of backup hds. The base servers are not expensive secondhand and will be ideal for the purpose. Thank you for your donations so far, keep them coming and I will use them as efficiently as I can to improve for all.

While it has been a little bit of a headache, it has been great to set this server up to solve the problem and it represents exactly what is about - experimenting, making and learning.
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