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Welcome to!

There are a few quirks of the new registration system to be aware of, the silly ones will be ironed out in due course.

1) You must change the data sending password in your profile, and use this password in RadLog/pyradmon.
2) RadLog users. The 'Check user and password' button is not working for new users due to an issue at the server. You must press 'Start' and wait for a value to be submitted (e.g. wait 2-3 mins), then you will find your account active on the map. Then the 'Check user' button works (ha)
3) Changes to your location, station information etc are applied on the next valid submission of data. So leave your counter running and logging while you do this.
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The 'Check user and password' bug for new users was more serious than I expected. It was preventing new users with RadLog from generating a new internal account. This is now fixed!
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