Correcting your map pin location and station information.

7 years 6 days ago #2935 by NW8R
I started out on Radmon with a GK-5B and the GK-Wifi kit. It was an easy low cost build for a great price! Everything went smooth except for map location. I was wondering how to set Lat/Long for our stations? After looking through my profile and checking for location settings in GK-Wifi I didn't find anything. I searched through the forums, no luck. I contacted Dan via PM and asked how our locations are placed on the map. If IP address location is used it is way off. I wondered if this was something set by the admin?

Dan's response was Lat/Long is set from google maps reverse lookup from the location given. You can set them yourself using RadLog. Or if you don't have a Windows machine take a look at the BASH scripts for Linux.

I downloaded Radlog. Ran it in compatibility mode on Win10 and used it to update my Lat/Long. Your station description and information can also be modified using the Radlog program.

There was no need to set up ports for data. Just set your login user name and password then use the second tab labeled "Radmon" on the application screen to set coordinates and edit station information. Hit "Set" next to each item you want to change and the map gets updated.
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