We're on Twitter!

As requested by some users we have setup a Twitter account where we can send out service alerts and updates. We will use this for service status alerts and to announce major updates to Radmon.org, as well as this blog and forum.

You can follow us @Radmon_org on Twitter, or go to https://twitter.com/Radmon_org and clicky on the follow button.

Primarily this will be used to inform you of server down time and outages, as some users became a little worried after the last outage (as did I). But fear not, Radmon is here to stay and despite what will come to challenge us, we will endevour to keep Radmon running for as long as people want to use it. So hop over to Twitter and follow @Radmon_org. (That's an underscore, not a dot ;-) )

Happy radmonauting!
I would like to introduce myself to those that don't know me here, and give an update to everyone about Radmon.org.

I'm Simon, or Simomax (my username here.) Dan (mw0uzo) asked me to come and do some work with Radmon.org, which, as you can see from this post, I eagerly agreed to. I have a good skill set with plenty of experience and I am looking forward to working with Dan and giving Radmon.org some love it deserves. There are some new features we would like to implement, some bug fixes we would like to fix and some improvements to be made. Some of the things we have discussed are MQTT implementation, performance improvements and some bug fixes. If you have any ideas of things you would like to see within Radmon.org, then please head over to the forum and let us know your thoughts!

It is going to take some time for these things to be done, and hopefully a lot more on top of those I have already mentioned. Both Dan and myself have life commitments that vary the time we can allocate towards those goals. But, Rome wasn't built in a day, and there is plenty of time ahead. I am particularly interested in improving the performance of Radmon.org and it is one of the things I will be looking at. There is a massive load put on the server under certain operations and these could be optimized. In some cases it may be that parts of Radmon.org are completely re-written, but that is for another day.

As always, feel free to post in the forum. If you have questions, ask away.

I would also like to thank the 260+ stations for simply being here and choosing Radmon.org as a place to send their readings. And of course, thanks to all the forum members for being here also. It is all of you members and stations that makes Radmon what it is, for without you, it is just a server!


At long last, automatic registrations are open!
There were a few hiccups on the way and I had to reload the radmon station userlist, but it seems to be working correctly now.

Important note to veteran users: Update your station details in your user profiles on the website. You need to change your data sending passwords from ChangeThis to whatever your password was.

Testers needed for RadLog Professional v0.43! See here.
Final stage development 25%
1) Write code to pull out user data from the user profile ... done!
2) Plumb this code into radmon core ... underway
3) Modify core for on the fly datatable creation
4) Test with nicolad
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