At long last, automatic registrations are open!
There were a few hiccups on the way and I had to reload the radmon station userlist, but it seems to be working correctly now.

Important note to veteran users: Update your station details in your user profiles on the website. You need to change your data sending passwords from ChangeThis to whatever your password was.

Testers needed for RadLog Professional v0.43! See here.
Final stage development 25%
1) Write code to pull out user data from the user profile ... done!
2) Plumb this code into radmon core ... underway
3) Modify core for on the fly datatable creation
4) Test with nicolad
Email server is partially working, well enough to send emails out to users during the registration process. The station details can now be entered when registering.

This means that new users can now register!

However when entering their username and password into RadLog or pyradmon, data sending will not work quite yet. That needs a bit more work.
33% complete
1. Enter custom user data fields into the standard user profiles ... done
Users that have already been registered can go to their profile and update the information there in preparation.
2. Setup new email server ... underway
3. Integrate password and information lookups to radmon into the user profile system
Solar powered Raspberry Pi 4 server stats: CPU 61% Memory 12% Swap 16% CPU temp=58.4'C Uptime 14 Days