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Fukushima Daiichi began releasing wastewater today into the ocean

8 months 4 weeks ago #6589 by nzoomed
The tritium really is not a big deal, its a drop in the bucket of the earths ocean and has a short half life. Most nuclear reactors release the stuff and in some cases, even in higher amounts than fukushima, its created with neutron bombardment of the cooling water itself.

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8 months 4 weeks ago #6592 by Simomax
My school of thought is that any radiation may be harmful. I wouldn't want to consume anything that has had exposure to tritium. I wouldn't want to drink it or eat fish that have swam in it. Tritium is a weak emitter, and yes a short half life, 12 years. But that is 12 years too much in my humble opinion.

When you understand that cancer can be caused by just one cell in the human body when it's DNA has become corrupted, and all it can take is one single radioactive emission to do so. It is the immune system that 'fixes' (actually destroys) bad cells/DNA corruption, so people with weakened immune systems are more susceptible to this turning into cancer. This really is at the lower end of the scale compared to other radionuclides such as Strontium or Caesium, but Tritium when consumed disperses throughout the body, into soft tissues, and stays there for about 30 days or so before being excreted.

The issue I have with Tritium contaminated water is that exposure is on the inside of the body, not the outside. Any radiation exposure inside the body has a greater chance of causing harm, and for me, personally, no. I'll quite happily do without. China has completely banned Japanese fish imports now since the waste water release, although there are rumblings that this is a political move, and not necessarily health related.

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8 months 4 weeks ago #6594 by nzoomed
My view is that the amount of radiation that you are exposed to from Fukushima tritium will be so low by the time it makes its way to you I doubt it can easily be measured. Perhaps we will see a trend with our radmon stations on the globe?
Either way, after building a cloud chamber and looking at every day objects in the home such as uranium glass, granite benchtops, (radon in some basements) we are being exposed to far more radiation including cosmic rays each year and lets not go there with medical xrays, etc I doubt it will be easy to even notice an increase.
Im sure they will be monitoring the levels in the oceans around Japan going forward, but I think its going to be so low, that we cant notice it, and as i mentioned earlier, its not like nuclear plants are not already releasing the stuff anyway.
Its an expensive product and has commercial uses(look at the price of tritium glow vials) so if it was cost effective to extract the stuff, its actually in their interests to do so. But either way, there is nothing that can be done about it and any plant that could be built to extract the stuff would cost billions of dollars and still not be able to remove the stuff at a rate that could keep up with the water coming from the plant.

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8 months 4 weeks ago #6598 by Simomax
There is a big difference between everyday (or even less common) radioactive objects that are on the outside of the body compared to radioactive materials inside the body. Nearly all low level radiation is blocked by the skin. The air itself does a good job of stopping low level radioactive particles. If you take say, a uranium glass bowl, the emissions from that are only a few centimeters, milimeters maybe and are stopped by the air. Your cloud chamber won't often, if at all, show the emissions going from source right through the side of the chamber casing. The alcohol vapour is doing an extra job of slowing down the emissions. Radon gas is pretty harmless on the outside of the body, but has most definitely been attributed to lung cancer when people have been breathing it in over time. Radon doesn't just occur in basements, that is where it leaks from the ground into a property. In a Radon area if the property doesn't have a basement then it will leak into the house/property. A bungalow in a Radon area is sure to leak into bedrooms as they are on ground level. The affects of radiation on biology always comes down to the equation of [amount of emission] x distance x time = dose. The 'amount of emission' I mean is like the difference between something like a sample of uranium ore compared to something like the corium elephant's foot at Chernobyl, or Tritium. I see everything radiation related as a grey scale.

I was actually unaware that NPPs release Tritium into the oceans or other water courses until you mentioned. I will have to do some research on this.

Coming back to the Japan Tritium waste water release it honestly fills me with dread. As Jussie mentioned, we have been constantly lied to since the Fukushima disaster happened. Things have been covered up, to save face. The reactor(s) were damaged during the earthquake (they did SCRAM) and then was compounded by the tsunami when the generators went offline. The backup generators were originally planned to be built on much higher ground, and if that was the case there is a good chance they would not have failed from the tsunami. But TEPCO cut corners to save money and built them much lower. TEPCO had also been advised to build a 50ft sea wall, which again would have mitigated most of the damage from the tsunami and lessened the outcome. The point I am getting to is TEPCO have avoided several safety measures and then lied to the world. Strangely, no one has been prosecuted yet over Diiachi. In doing so would prove what others have said, but the nuclear establishment can't have that, so is covered up much in the same way as happens with other industrial disasters. It's all about money and saving face. I shudder to think what the future holds with all of these old crumbling reactors that should have already been decommissioned being given extra time to run. Diablo Canyon being one. It's just lies and deceit and I find it hard to believe a word they say. The MSM always does a good job of hiding the truth these days so finding real information is hard and few and far between, and often from the words of a whistleblower. Most people simply believe the MSM, so when they say (or choose not to say) something, people just believe it. Most of the world has lost it's ability to think critically and is happy to be spoon fed crap from MSM.

So in a nutshell, I don't trust them. I don't trust their words, nor their actions. So when they say 'safe', I don't believe it without proof. Proper proof from independant researchers, not the nuclear establishment. TEPCO say the waste water release is safe. Prove it by letting the world see the results of testing, or better still, allow independant researchers to choose their own samples and test themselves. Has the ALPS system taken out ALL of the Strontium, Caesium and other radionuclides? The ALPS system is designed to remove most contamination, but doesn't remove all. We aren't hearing anything about that with the waste water release, the only words are 'safe levels'. So much lies and deceit and hiding truths. It's no wonder that 50% of the population will get cancer in their lives. Give it another 20-30 years and that may be 60% or 70% of people.

They said masks were harmless when we had to wear them. Now has been proved they contain toxic VOCs and cancer causing PFAS.
They said aspartame was harmless. Now some organisations report it causes cancer. I read studies years back that aspartame caused cancer in pretty much every rat that was tested on with aspartame. Then the (UK - I can't vouch for others) government has a war on sugar. Replaces sugar in millions of products with aspartame (it is even in foods), says at the time it is 'safe' and so millions of people, unknowingly or ignorant to the fact, consume the drinks and foods. Makes me think they are trying to kill me, and everyone else. 
I could go on, and on.... I'm just sick to the back teeth of being screwed over every day by these psychopaths. They do not care about you nor I, they care about money and power.
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8 months 4 weeks ago #6600 by Simomax
Apologies for the rant. It's not aimed at anyone. I'm just sick of being screwed over, day after day by the people that are supposed to serve us.

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8 months 3 weeks ago #6602 by Radslug
No apology needed from my point of view. Here in California nobody trusts PG&E, Diablo Canyon's operator and the primary electric and gas company in the state. Nor the state Public Utilities Commission, which recently cut rooftop solar buyback rates so low rooftop systems won't pay for themselves before their 20 year lifespan is up. This a year after a new law went into effect that mandated all new homes have rooftop solar.

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