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There's nothing wrong with that! It's in a box. What more could you do?   8 years is pretty good going!

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11 months 3 weeks ago - 11 months 3 weeks ago #6469 by Radslug
Replied by Radslug on topic Moving the server

Somehow I had missed the info about the server move.
Had to digg out my old arduino sketch and reupload with the new IP parameter. (also changed the upload schedule to 1 minute instead of 30 sec...) 
I even forgot how the insides of my "counter" look like, I made it 8 years ago and the plan was to make a funcioning prototype and then to re-build it to some stable form.
But .... it's still in it's "project box", wired with funky wires and stuff hanging around. Hey, it works.

The attachment is only for those with a strong stomach 

DExUS, that looks fancy compared to mine! See, I had originally thrown together the counter & display board and tube mounted to two slabs of plexi with tall spacers between, clipped jumpers to a PL2303 with an onboard USB male, and that in turn was plugged directly into a Linksys NSLU2 from maybe 2004 or 2005 that had a stripped down linux bitbanged into the firmware. And once it was up and running, I was going to rebuild it with a proper SBC like a raspberry pi or rock64. But then my kids became small actual people, then big actual people and work became more complex, life became way more complex and...and...well, at least I recapped the NSLU2 a few years back! It's been sitting on a shelf on our network rack next to the Pi-Hole & Mumble boxes and at this point it would be a shame to disturb them unnecessarily.
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