Hello from France !

6 years 6 months ago #3738 by Taurim
Hello from France ! was created by Taurim
my name is Serge and I'm ready to participate to the radmon project.

My Location is small village in France west of Paris. The Coordinates are approximately LAT : 48.78748120023557 LON : 1.5331878047436476

I run a GQ GMC-320+V4 Plus Geiger Muller Counter connected to my Linux PC inside the house. I may relocate it in the future but I need to discuss with you about that.

I wrote a shell script to get all the data every five minutes, sum the CPS and divide by 5 to get a good averaged CPM reading. My setup will be up 24/7/365.

I'm already sending data to http://www.gmcmap.com/ and I'm also graphing results at home using an open source tool well known from network admins : MRTG

Here is the result for the first two days with the 5min view and 30min view. There is also a 2H view and a day view with 2 years history but not useful with only 2 days of history :lol:

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6 years 6 months ago #3739 by nulldragon
Replied by nulldragon on topic Hello from France !
Greetings! Looks really interesting,

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6 years 6 months ago - 6 years 6 months ago #3740 by mw0uzo
Replied by mw0uzo on topic Hello from France !
Welcome Serge!
I'll add you now.... all done.
Please check PMs for password.
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6 years 6 months ago - 6 years 6 months ago #3741 by Taurim
Replied by Taurim on topic Hello from France !
Thanks Dan, sending data B)

By the way, here are my updated MRTG graphs with weekly and monthly views and 4 days of history.
Orange is the averaged CPM value I now send to radmon every 5 minute.
Blue is the maximum CPS reading for the last 5 minutes (not an average). As you can see the value is always 2, 3 or 4.

The curious thing is this value was quite stable Friday and Saturday. It is more "noisy" now.
The orange averaged value climbed from 16 to 19 CPS.

Is there situations were geiger counter readings are slowly drifting over time ? Did you shut down and restart occasionally you counter ?
My counter is a GQ GMC-320-V4+

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My method of collecting data :
The counter is connecter to my Linux PC via USB.
I send continuously send Counter data to a temporary file (in heartbeat mode, 1 reading per second) :
gq-gmc-control.py --output-in-cpm --heartbeat

Every 5 minute this script is run via crontab and output sent to a file (cps.mrtg) read by mrtg (runs every 5 minutes too, following this script)
CPS5=`tail -300 $CPS | grep -v "[a-z]" | cut -d" " -f1 | awk '{ sum += $1 } END { print sum }'`
CPSM=`echo "scale = 0; $CPS5/5.0" | bc`
echo $CPSM
echo `tail -300 $CPS | grep -v "[a-z]" | cut -d" " -f1 | awk '$0>x{x=$0};END{print x}'`
curl "http://www.GMCmap.com/log2.asp?AID=xxx&GID=xxx&CPM=$CPSM" > /tmp/gmcmap.log 2>&1
curl "http://radmon.org/radmon.php?function=submit&user=xxx&password=xxx&value=$CPSM&unit=CPM" > /tmp/radmon.log 2>&1

Output for MRTG looks like that (2 empty lines at the end)

Entry in mrtg.cfg looks like that :
Target[radioactivity]: `cat $HOME/cps.mrtg`
Colours[radioactivity]: Col1#FF8800,Col2#0000FF,Col3#FF4444,Col4#4444FF
MaxBytes[radioactivity]: 500000
Title[radioactivity]: Radioactivity
PageTop[radioactivity]: <H1>Radioactivity</H1>
ShortLegend[radioactivity]: &nbsp;
LegendI[radioactivity]: CPM
LegendO[radioactivity]: CPS Max
YLegend[radioactivity]: Radioactivity
Options[radioactivity]: growright,nopercent, nobanner, noinfo, gauge, nolegend
XSize[radioactivity]: 600
YSize[radioactivity]: 300
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