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8 years 2 months ago - 8 years 2 months ago #1811 by pwborders
My name is Pete and I have just recently become interested in geiger counters though building two.\

My first unit was a simple kit from Electronics Goldmine (an online retailer in the USA) called their Ultimate Geiger Counter, kit C8600 and their Russian made CI-3BG glass geiger mueller tube part number G17365.

The kit is not the best, mine didn't work until I found some tips online, specifically about the lack of an anode resistor. Now it works quite well, clicking and flashing away.

So, now that I am hooked I have just built a GK-Plus kit from DIYGeigerCounter with a SBM-20 tube and their wireless logging option.

I have also ordered 3 different tubes from ebay vendors, a couple pancake style tubes and a little all metal one. Also I got an old Victoreen CDV-715 from ebay to play with.

Like I said I am hooked now.

Next I am thinking about DIYGeigerCounter's new stand along monitoring unit. Also I might get a GK-B5 and build it into a CDV-715 case.

My uploading system with be the GK-Plus with a SBM-20 tube. My location is 36.929 -76.237

Pete Borders - WB4TKA.

PS. Thanks Bert, sad I can't spell the name of the city I have lived in for 50 years.
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8 years 2 months ago #1812 by Sonarflash
Welcome Pete, from Duncan British Columbia,
I caught the same GM bug a few years ago. Now have a collection of detectors, including a DIY GK+ 4 custom made by Atomic Dave, and an older GK4, also by Brohogan, made for me by the man himself. Most of those small, cylindrical Russian GM tubes seem to lack sensitivity. I'm not impressed by the SBM-20 either. Recently I purchased a selection from Sovtube. One, a larger, 220mmX18mm CI-22G (gamma, glass tube)and it gives around 40 CPM background. Fairly cheap at $12.00. Also, the SBT-11A (alpha, small rectangular mica window) is an excellent GM tube for $30.00. Two of them in parallel are about as sensitive as an expensive LND7313 at half the cost.

I'm blind, so a couple of years ago a ham club member wired up one of the Gold Mine kits and it wasn't worth the effort. Not even after modifications suggested by Geiger Counter Enthusiast (GCE on Yahoo) members. Too noisy and too much current drain.

I check stations here about every day to see rad levels around the world. My station is running an Aware Electronics (Delaware) RM-80 pancake with their AW-RADW software, so the readings average higher than those using SBM-20 tubes.
Brian Gage, VA7BDG

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8 years 2 months ago #1819 by pwborders
Thanks for the welcome. I also just joined the Yahoo groups Geiger Counter Enthusiasts group so I will get more information.

I just ordered a couple tubes from Sovtube , the long one you have and SBM-19 that is also supposed to be sensitive. I think I will build the GK-Radmod kit to put online permanently and build the GK-Plus into a nice portable case.

I have also just ordered a few things on ebay for samples. Radium watch hands in a little vial and a couple vaseline glass salt bowls.

I think I am addicted. :)

Pete B. - WB4TKA


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8 years 2 months ago #1824 by mw0uzo
Ok its all set up, welcome!

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