hello from bebra, germany

8 years 4 months ago #1765 by gpeter
hello everybody,

my name is peter and i live in a small town in northeastern hesse and i've many hobbies and interests.

i run for a few years a weather station and an earthquake sensor where i send the data to qcn (boinc).
for some time, i try to completed the sensor of radioactive@home, however i've simply not the time (too much work :pinch: ) and the silence (4 children :woohoo: ).
recently i've found this really informative and interesting website.
i'm also interested in radioactivity and all what is related to it. therefor i've bought a gmc-320 plus to join here.

after initial difficulties in the application, it has now worked through the great help of Dan, with the registration.
many thanks to Dan!

i find it's an interesting and great project and i've a lot of respect with all the work behind it.

thank you for admission. ;)
best regards

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8 years 3 months ago #1791 by mw0uzo
Replied by mw0uzo on topic hello from bebra, germany
Hi Peter
Welcome to radmon.org
Glad it all seems to be working :)

If anyone is having forum registration troubles, let me know at my forum name at gmail . com.

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