Greetings from the Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

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8 years 10 months ago - 8 years 10 months ago #1392 by Sonarflash
I'm a blind senior with an avid interest in science, especially nuclear physics. Fukushima provided the incentive to get my first radiation detector 4 years ago, an SE Int. Monitor 4EC. I wasn't impressed when it arrived, but it worked. Since then, I purchased an RM-80 detector and AW-RADW software from Aware Electronics. John Giametti, BroHogan, made me a couple of GK4 kits which I've installed in cases or played with over the past two years. The RM-80 is Cadillac, the LND7313-3 pancake very sensitive. It's still working fine. The detector is connected by a 4-lead telephone cable to a USB-MSP430 interface module which has a tiny processor and memory, storing data 24/7. Each morning I dump that to my PC running Aware's AW-RADW software. Except for the graphs, the program is completely accessible with my JAWS screen reader. The RM-80 sits on an open windowsill collecting background.
Recently, Atomic Dave sold me a beautiful, custom-built detector using the BroHogan GK+ V2.
That's using an LND712 probe for now. the unit logs to an SD card as well as via a USB cable to my lap-top running Radiation Logger 1.5 beta.
Beside the GM detectors, I've built three gamma scintillation probes, sighted hams helping with the dynode soldering. These are used for gamma spectroscopy on my computer desk, sliding into a tube of 2" diameter copper wrapped in 8 feet of 1 foot wide lead cladding. ABee Research Gamma Spectacular GS1100A provides HV and audio output to the computerfor analysis. PRA7, Pulse Recorder and Analyzer allows me to sift the numbers and find histogram peaks in Excel.
Our rad levels here are rather low, around 12 CPM with the LND712, and averaging 24 CPM on the LND7313. Most of this is cosmic ray activity. Not much radon here.
My other hobbies are rockhounding, exploring old mines, mine dumps and caves, also ham radio (VA7BDG). I have a small collection of rad minerals and keep looking for more.
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