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Hi, New member from south of France. 
i) one general remark when I tried to sign in fhe first time: I never received any validation email (of course not in spam or whereever place)... Neither when trying to click on "resend confirmation email" on lost password... Anyway, after a couple of days, I was able to log in... I don't know why

ii) I am currently uploading some data via the curil command. What is the upload period you advise for ? Currently, I am sending CPM information every 30s.

iii) We are developping an advanced weather station (open hardware/open source) ESPhome/HA based with a basic chinese Geiger detector. More complex models can be connected eventually via UART/I2C...

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Hi SeByDocKy and welcome!

There has been an issue for some time where the verification emails don't get through. I saw your message in chat and manually activated your account. 30 seconds is fine for submission. The minimum is 30 seconds. My personal preference is every 60 seconds as having twice the resolution (30 seconds) doesn't seem to serve any useful purpose, only to double the data collected. In a SHTF situation submitting to every 30 seconds or 60 seconds isn't going to make one bit of difference. If that much radiation came that fast.... It's not going to be pretty and 30 seconds isn't going to help.

The weather station sounds interesting. I have run one for a few years with Cumulus, but it broke so I took it down for now. It needs some TLC. An alternative would be of interest to me if I can make it work with the sensors I have. I forget what model it is. It's only a cheap one, but with a couple of mods it has fared really well. I have the replacement parts I need so just need to throw it back together and get it up outside. It's on my (really long) list of jobs to do!

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