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introduce myself
I am a weather enthusiast, 63 years young and retired since 2 years. bought me a geiger counter GMC-320 plus. I have created a profile on radmon.
I can't find it on the world map. How is this possible, what am I doing wrong?

thank you in advance

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1 year 2 months ago #6382 by Simomax
Replied by Simomax on topic introduce my
Hi Engelbert, I cannot see any submission from your station over the last half hour. What are you using to submit the readings to Are you using Radlog.exe or some other application such as Arduino? I notice from your website that you are logging to GMC. I'm pretty sure that if you are using the usb/serial on your GMC-320+ with the GMC software then you can't have it use the same usb/serial to log to another application as only one application can access a serial port at a time. If you are using the GMC software then to test Radlog I would advise shutting that software down before running Radlog so Radlog can get access to the serial port. Something else to look out for is that according to the GQ protocol ( here ) it states the baud rate can be variable, so make sure that Radlog has the correct baud rate. Another option is to use the audio interface with Radlog and your GMC. That way I believe you can run both Radlog and the GMC software simultaneously.

Let me know how your setup is configured - softwares/settings etc. and I will try and assist you in getting it working.

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