SBT-11A Photographs

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Well, I got motivated on this SBT-11A anode issue. Following Chris's example, I used several computer connector clips with bits of wire still attached. Jury-rigged two sets. One set had 3 4.7M resistors on 3 separate clips. No soldering, just twisted pairs. The three anode resistors were twisted common with another 4.7M resistor. The other set had 3 clips, their leads twisted together in a common, then 2 4.7M resistors in series to equal the previous setup. My DIY GK4 counter has an active 4.7M anode resistor on the plus terminal.

I ran each setup for about 12 minutes and took out 10 minutes of readings. Both runs produced quite similar results with an old americium-241 smoke detector button centred on the mica window's protective SS mesh.

was clips To these was connected a 4.7M resistor in series.

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