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Emergency declared in Russia's Khabarovsk after radiation detected

1 month 2 weeks ago - 1 month 2 weeks ago #6921 by OH8EFI
Title suggest something big, but aren't those little sources in scrap metal not too rare after all?

Authorities in Russia's far eastern city of Khabarovsk have declared a state of emergency in an area where a "radiation source" was found, TASS news agency reported on Friday.

It said elevated radiation levels were detected near a power pylon about 2.5 km (1.5 miles) from residential buildings.

Radiation levels would be monitored for the next two days and the source of the radiation would be investigated.

Sources:  Reuters
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1 month 2 weeks ago #6922 by Simomax
Some more on this here:  https://www.lbc.co.uk/news/russia-state-emergency-mystery-radiation-leak-khabarovsk/

A source at Radon nuclear agency said: "The radiation source was removed and placed in a protective container, transported to a radioactive waste storage facility.

"There is no environmental pollution and no threat to society."

A state of emergency is expected to remain in place for the next three days while authorities continue to monitor radiation levels and work out the cause.

I find it interesting that they are trying to work out the cause when they have apparently removed the source and transported it to a facility. Unless they mean try and work out how the source got there in the first place? It would be nice if they said what it actually was. There are a lot of old radioactive sources (strong ones) just out there in the wild. Old scrap waste that has managed to get back into the system, old medical devices that are pretty much abandoned when companies have shut down or moved., old RTGs from the cold war era .  I don't think this is anything to worry about as they have apparently removed the source. I do think the media like to sensationalise stores like this. Keeps people scared and in fear, just where they want them, especially with all the rhetoric and sabre rattling going on at the moment. 

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