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Speaking of Tritium...

9 months 3 weeks ago #6632 by Radslug
I stumbled across this on Mastodon tonight.

"...at least 10 nuclear plants in China in just a year discharged liquid effluents containing more than 4.5 quadrillion becquerels of tritium—more than 200 times the self-imposed annual limit for Fukushima’s wastewater release."

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9 months 3 weeks ago #6633 by Simomax
Replied by Simomax on topic Speaking of Tritium...
 Thanks Radslug. It would be funny if it wasn't......... [Insert your own choice of words here.]

For reference, the Diablo Canyon Power Plant in California released liquid effluents containing around  95 trillion becquerels of tritium  in 2022, and the Heysham B Power Station in England released about  396 trillion becquerels of tritium  in 2019.

I live about 16 miles from Heysham. I haven't been in the sea here for about 40 years. No plans to either. Not just NPP discharge but it's generally pretty gnarly. Blackpool sea ain't so good. There is Heysham NPP, Sellafield and several (treated) sewage outlets all pumping their 'stuff' into the sea on the west coast here. Add to that all the old barrels of (stuff) from Sellafield dumped about a mile out some years ago. Not long ago Blackpool sea was sort of closed off due to a fault at the local treatment plant that pumped a metric shit-ton of untreated effluent right into it. The warning may still be in place now. As fast as they get it clean, they mess it up again!

That story is an eye-opener. The more I learn about Tritium discharge, the worse it seems. China doesn't surprise me, but I must admit to be quite surprised about Heysham. I honestly thought that plant (besides cracks in in the reactor) was pretty squeaky clean. But not to worry, it's low level waste and has a short half-life, so we're all good. Just need to stay away from water for the next 48(?) years. I'm assuming the water is treated similar to the ALPS system in Japan, so only small amounts of Iodine, Caesium, Strontium etc etc. Such joy! 

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9 months 3 weeks ago #6639 by nzoomed
Replied by nzoomed on topic Speaking of Tritium...
Exactly what I was saying earlier, Tritium is of little risk and most nuclear plants are releasing the stuff unbeknown to us.
Kind of hypocritical that China refuses to buy Japanese fish but they are releasing the stuff from their own reactors.
Pure politics.

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