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Last night I added a second detector to my setup. I now have a GMC200 with an M4011 tube attached to the same Raspberry Pi as the MightyOhm with the SBM-20.

I am running a custom program written in the Go programming language and modified it to read the GMC200 and add the result with the MightyOhm. I adjusted my conversion by summing the inverse of the M4011 and SBM-20 conversion factors so the uS/h should be the same.

Not sure anyone noticed but wanted to account for the jump in raw CPM readings.

I also adjusted my alert and warning levels though I had a few bad points (low) my first live test run.

I eventually want to move one of the detectors outside with an air filter. When that happens I'll request a new ID and post those results independent of my indoor readings.

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I can't leave well enough alone! They had a great eBay sale on new GMC-200 counters ($45) so I added a couple to my setup removing the MightyOhm for now. I have the three GMC-200s stacked on top of each other and I'm locally logging coincidence detections. I'm working to setup an outdoor setup with a HEPA filter and will move one out there or use the MightyOhm in that setup.

The change in configuration explains the slight bump yesterday.

I noticed today the new GMC-200 are back to $65 on eBay from gq_instruments. :(
It was a great deal while it lasted considering that included the tube, power supply and the USB adaptor to interface it to a PC.
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