Wildfires in Canada

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I follow a few radiation sites, and although this site does not show any chages in Canada and northern USA, the following site does (or did) netc.com . The icon colours there are based on change rate, not raw CPM value.
Many of the detectors on that map are outdoor units that filter and concentrate airborne particles, and specifically measure Beta radiation, and several of those have shown a sharp rise over the past week, Many are now back to normal, but some are still high. A forum on the topic is here: www.netc.com/bb/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=1244 .

To VE7CUP in Buck Flats ~ south of Houston BC: I hope you're OK where you are, and that your sensor gets back online soon.
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This summer, there was a bad forest fire southwest of Duncan, out near Port Renfrew, the Lizard Lake fire. I expected some increase, but saw no jump in my pancake detector readings.
One thing I didn't do is get an air filter reading. For about a week, a smoke haze lay thick over the Cowichan Valley and city of Duncan. Not sure of that areas minerals. Perhaps there were less isotopes in the soil and trees.
Brian, VA7BDG, Duncan

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