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5 years 5 months ago - 5 years 5 months ago #4005 by mw0uzo
Since combining the radmon core with the user registration system on the website there are a few issues that need some manual intervention to get things working again.

1. Your username and station name are different. Please PM me or respond here with your desired username and I will fix it.
2. Station stuck offline despite updating your user profile. While generally it should work, there are one or two circumstances that require manual intervention. If your station is stuck offline, please PM or post here
3. Donation status. Over the years I have marked manually the users that have donated, if you use RadLog you get a thankyou message in the About tab. Also, it is intended to rid you of any adverts if you have donated, although this is not implemented yet. If you have donated at any time before and you don't get a thank you message in RadLog please PM me so I can update the userlist.
4. RadLog users, it's time now to migrate to V0.43!
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