My Geiger setup

9 years 7 months ago #32 by WA0RTU
My Geiger setup was created by WA0RTU
For those of you who would like to know about my setup, here goes. I am a Ham Radio op. So having rf floating around can make problems for wi-fi connected equipment.
That said, the geiger is connected with shielded network cable. I used the GK-Net board and it is connected to BroHogans GK-Plus geiger kit. John is a great guy and has been most helpful to me. Now one drawback to this is that I can not use Dan's Radmon software to do grafting on a local machine. The GKNet board has an ip address of it's own. This board sends the geiger info directly to the Radmon site.

Is it possible, Dan, to add a way to use an ip address in the software just for local graphs and sharing?

I will do some pictures soon of the site and post here. Have to do it in the morning to avoid the gnats! They are very bad this year. Get into everything. However, they put a hold on that painting thing I was going to do....... :)


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