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USER SUBMITTED NEWS was created by mw0uzo
Finally the user submitted news seems to be working properly! This means that registered users of the site can submit news articles that appear on the main website.

Creating your own news articles is highly encouraged!

- New users can announce their new station if they wish.
- Announce changes, projects, interesting information.
- Send in news articles and links from elsewhere

Registered users have a spam-detector that may engage. Make sure you save your text elsewhere, in case it is swallowed by the spam filter. This is to stop spammers from just registering and putting cr*p up on the news feed. Any spam on the website having to be deleted by a mod or me will result in a ban from the forum and the main website.

For anyone wanting to regularly send in news, just ask here in this thread and I will give you permissions to submit whatever you want, with no spam filter to get in the way. Also you will be able to upload images for use in the articles etc. :)

There will be some rules for adding news, these will be developed over time. Just use common sense :)
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Replied by marcellini on topic USER SUBMITTED NEWS

My name is Marcellini.

I'm willing to provide data to the radmon project, gathered with an Arduino-based DIY Geiger counter with sbm-20 ctc-5 tube and wiznet ethernet adapter.

The location of the counter is in Ancona, Italia, 43°35'41.96"N, 13°31'36.25"E

Best regards,

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