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Possible little modifications to radlog

2 years 3 months ago #5851 by bzk
Hi. I am a ham radio, I3BZK. When I transmit I can observe a very high counts from my outside geiger, probably due to  the long audio and DC power cable from my station to outside. This is absolutely normal. To overcome this drawback I set to off the data acquisition. The side effect is that I loose the previous recorded graph because i have stopped acquisition before the set recording time. Due to an unknown problem ( with my minipc after some days the radlog shut down itself) i need to reboot  automatically every 24 hours. I have two request :
1 : it is possible to implement a button that freeze at last recorded value but do not stop time acquisition? This button must be ON/OFF and manually operated only.
2 : If the PC send a shutdown it is possible to record the buffered log independently to programmed log time recording? 


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