Add display to RaspberryPI used for monitoring radiation

2 years 3 months ago #6050 by cristi
Hello guys! I was wondering if it would be possible to somehow "modify" the file to be able to print the radiation data on a LCD. I got many I2C LCD's (with 2 columns) laying around and I want to use them. My original geiger has a display that is broken and displays random characters, and it doesn't even has backlight. (I don't have the scheme of the geiger counter and it is safer (and easier) to use an I2C LCD connected directly the the RPI). I want to print the average CPM sample on the first column and also the uSv/hr (using the CPMx0.0057 formula) on the second column. Can anyone help me with some advices and maybe pieces of code? Thanks. 


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2 years 3 months ago #6054 by Simomax
I would imagine there should be no problem adding a display to This isn't anything I have played with in the past and my time in programming Raspberry Pis is about 0 hours. That said it doesn't look too difficult, but obviously depends on your Pi programming skills. It seems basic enough in connecting up and there are a couple of packages that require installing on the Pi and a configuration change on the operating system to enable the I2C bus. Then it should just be a matter of copying the parts needed for setup and initialization, and then writing into the code for it to display the cpm and dose. The tutorial I have looked over is linked below. Like I mentioned, I have no experience in programming Pis, but do with other languages and it looks pretty simple. I might have a go at some point with a Raspberry Pi and as it is something I have been wanting to play with for some time and I have an old Pi (2b?) sat doing nothing.

This is the tutorial I looked at, but you can also just search for 'raspberry pi i2c lcd' and there are others out there:
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