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When authorities ain´t flawless

7 years 4 days ago #2558 by Gamma-Man
We had a quite large fire in central Stockholm (the swedish capitol) some days ago.
Our authorities have mainly three ways of allerting the citizens in case of danger.
TV/Radio, an outdoor warning system via signal loudspeaker (4500 across the country) in larger populated areas, and via SMS.
The SMS warning though have deficiency because of swedish law it can only be sent to the area where the mobile phone is registered to a street address and not where the phone actually is at the moment when the warning is being sent out.

In the scenario mentioned in top this ment that people that was in the dangerous area but had a phone registred elsewhere did not get the warning and people that was outside the area but had a phone registered inside the dangerous area got the warning.

I myself always carry a dosimeter when I leave my building.....


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