Got distracted today rediscovering Far Cry 1

9 years 2 weeks ago - 9 years 2 weeks ago #1005 by mw0uzo
After all the messing around getting the initial server running, I found all my old PC hardware. Amongst it all was a 6800GS graphics card and my first PC motherboard, an MSI M848A with Athlon 2500+ XP processor. I thought the board was unstable, so it had been discarded for a long time. It turns out it was probably a stick of intermittent 1GB RAM that was causing problems all along, all the way through to getting the server stable in 2015!! Bah! So my old PC was reassembled, initially as a backup server. But now the new server is almost ready, I remembered .... my old games! I haven't gamed for probably 6 years? Maybe more. family business etc. I got some new 1Gb sticks of DDR400 ram cheap on ebay and in they went. So did the graphics card and in went Far Cry into the DVD drive.

What a great game. I'm a few levels in now. Not really got time to play it through but its still awesome now.

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4 years 11 months ago - 4 years 11 months ago #4401 by Harrybells
Far Cry 3 was a revelation that turned the series into one of Ubisoft's leading titles. Far Cry 4 had the gameplay that we all knew and loved but for whatever reason, something about the game just didn't click . Anyone with concerns that 5 would suffer the same fate can relax, Far Cry has rediscovered its magic and has given us a remarkable game that will leave you with hours on end of entertainment.
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