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7 years 7 months ago #2736 by destroyfx
Advanced GMC-320 was created by destroyfx
Hi, I did get a GMC-320 a while ago (I'm still waiting for the password for my station :D ) and I did not know about the V5 and wifi capability and I want to add some Wifi and multiuser/software capability to mine so Here what I planned.

Stuffing a NodeMCU inside the GMC320 and bypassing the serial and use so they are connected to the nodeMcu.

*So USB will power the GMC320 and the nodemcu but usb data will be connected to the nodemcu only (TO TALK TO THE NODEMCU).
*nodemcu serial 1 will be connected to the GMC320 serial.
*I have programmed a set of command you can send on wifi to get data from the GMC320. And more than one connection will be able to talk to it. It fetch data each second from the GMC320 and cache them for client.
*It will be possible to turn the usb into GMC320 emulation mode so native application will be able to work normally by USB and I plan to have that enabled by default and use a special command to turn that off
*It will have a micro webserver for status (on, CPM mostly)
*It will be able to send cpm here, on the gmcmap and maybe to other place too without any extra software, by wifi)

Any input and or extra wanted feature? I plan to release the nodemcu firmware and I did attach the current *mod* I will wire in once I get the proper modding cable like >=28awg
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7 years 3 months ago #3129 by Electrodemente
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I just got my GMC 320 Plus-V5.... and even I dont need this Mod and your Superb Improvements for the Non-NodeMcu 320 model... Im not quite happy with the way the V5 store and shows the data,
So let me give you the idea of a direct connection by wifi with android regular phone and a simple tyny server on it as datalogger?

On several circunstances would be easier to watch on the phonescreen what the 320 is detecting (or was detecting as long last.... promenade was made or last visit to a new place) with a graph.

After data is on the android the possibilies are incredible; graphs, detailed radiation map points....

Could you manage something so?

Thanks in advance.


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7 years 3 months ago #3137 by Bert490
Replied by Bert490 on topic Advanced GMC-320
I like the simple approach, with GM detectors sending data to online map sites, and using my phone/tablet anywhere to see my own data (or anyone else's) via the site's URL. Locally stored logs are good for separate analysis, experiments or for redundancy (in case a server disappears), but accessing that data remotely would not be a priority for me.

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7 years 1 month ago #3277 by jnissen
Replied by jnissen on topic Advanced GMC-320
DEstroyFX did you ever get this working? I am in the same position where I want to convert my older GQ GMC300 type detector to direct WiFi with the use of an ESP8266. I have a Beagle Bone Black talking to RadMon with the PyRadMon code and it works great. I have a RPi3 I potentially could use in place but I would rather have the WiFi built in if I can get away with it. Anyway looking at what mods you were considering and if you wrote any code. I see there are othe example code I could potnetially use but thought I would ask before I invert to much time.
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