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2 years 3 weeks ago #6135 by yVega
Hi all,
I already have a Geiger counter online with one SBM-20 tube (ecocurious multigeiger with ESP32 outside not far from my house).
I could get the data directly from the server via API (example
Or somehow connect via Wifi from a PC to install RadLog, but I don't know the program well

What do you suggest to me?

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2 years 3 weeks ago - 2 years 3 weeks ago #6136 by rjelbert
Hi I think you are asking how you can get your data onto the web site?
If that's the case then you have a few options:
1) reprogram the geiger counter ESP32 to include an HTTP get request to the server. This assumes your ESP32 has direct access to the internet. There is example Arduino code on this web site.
2) You could write a short Python script to grab your geiger counter data from the URL you gave ( ) and then post it to via HTTP get. If you schedule this to run each minute (using cron on Linux) that would work really well.

The radmon HTTP get format is very simple so the Python code to send data to it would be very simple. Also your sensor API seems to be serving JSON which is also easy to parse in Python.

Update: I just looked up your geiger counter and found the docs: 
Looks pretty interesting and the good news is you can access the source code on github. It the code seems to come in two variants and based on your example URL you have the LoRaWan version installed? This would mean my proposal (2) above is probably the best option. Having the sensor on an IoT network is pretty cool. You could also ask the makers of the detector to add support to their Wifi firmware - you can do this via the github website as a feature request. 

Hope this helps

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