Expect a gradual increase in cosmic rays

4 years 5 months ago #4147 by Radslug
Interesting article regarding an inverse relationship between cosmic rays and solar activity. Since we are going into a period of Solar Minimum more cosmic rays penetrate into the inner solar system.

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4 years 4 months ago #4160 by Sonarflash
Thanks for the heads-up and link. I did notice a couple of blips in September and October 2018, but nothing significant. Just a 1 or 2 CPM increase over a 24 hour period. The last four days background (mostly cosmic) is still 30 CPM on my LND7313-3 pancake Aware Electronics RM80.
However, there are also effects from the seasonal tilt of the planet. I've noticed a definite increase in excellent 20 Metre HF skip from Japan, Europe and South America , which is great for ham radio.
Brian, VA7BDG, North Cowichan, Vancouver Island B.C.

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