Best location for monitoring?

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I agree. Governments do tend to avoid pointing out risks due to past policy decisions, no matter how sensible or logical it would be.

But I have to still admire the EPA's gamma network and Europe's Eurdep. These are not only real-time, but more useful to determine the actual source.
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Hi Cowpip!
Sorry to be coming into the conversation so late. Having a pretty nasty RA flare keeping me from being very active... in any direction :dry: ...but nevermind that :)
I'm new 'round here, but I've had some interesting experiences with indoor vs outdoor Geiger counter numbers that I thought might interest you.

I'd posted some more detailed info in another thread somewhere, but the short version is that I've seen a HUGE difference in the numbers between indoor and outdoor numbers.
For example, I had the Geiger hooked up inside this morning, and it was reading in the mid-20's to mid 30's (CPMs). Stuck it outside and... *goes to look* it's reading 106CPM. Big dif, eh? I've seen it around 40ish inside and somewhere around 1700 outside, so, yeah...

Dunno what model you have, but mine's a frugal GMC-300EPlus, which doesn't read Alpha, so doesn't read radon (though would still pick up some daughter particles), so that creating a false reading isn't much of a concern afaik. What does make a big difference, I believe, is that while it's inside, the house itself is blocking Beta particles, and that's predominantly what the issue is where I am, from what I can discern.

I've spoken with mw0uzo -can't remember whether it was via a post or a pm, but neither here nor there-, about adding the capability to upload logs stored on the Geiger while it's disconnected to be able to put accurate outdoor data on the map, and he indicated he recognized the need and would look into it. Awesome folks here btw :cheer:
'till then, I've been posting on the forum occasionally when I see something noteworthy while the Geiger isn't connected.

Geeze I just can't help being long-winded... I've got to go soon, and I don't want to talk your eyes off :silly: so, let me try to wrap it up here...

My recommendation would be to test for yourself over a period of several days, and see what kind of a difference you get. If yours reads Alpha, then radon can certainly be something to keep in mind. Go around your house with it, check for hot spots.
I really need to do some of the following, myself, if I can manage to remember with my ol' swiss cheese memory...
If you notice a big difference between inside and outside one day, then put it inside in a window and see what it shows. Different types of windows will block more or less Beta radiation. I don't imagine mine would block much 'cause they're single-pane 1970's-ish windows that I've had to caulk more times than I can shake a stick at. Olde windows that were made with lead in the glass would probably block more than newer storm windows, or maybe about the same... hard to say without checking... so, point being, whether having it by a window would do any good or not probably depends a lot on the window.
Where does your prevailing wind come from? If you find you've got junk coming in on the wind (I do), that's something to consider in placement, too.
Lots of factors to consider!

Also, a ziplock bag won't block beta, but will help protect the unit from humidity. I wouldn't trust it in a heavy rain or whatnot, personally, but... you get the idea (also helps keep it from getting scratched up if the wind blows dirt around while it's outdoors)
Try carrying it around with you everywhere you go for a while and see what you find. I've found a hotspot in the downtown area of town here. Fuku-crud? Who knows? Interesting either way, though. I carry mine around like a security blanket :whistle:
Having the Geiger with me when I'm in town etc has been a good conversation piece, and a few other folks around are considering getting their own after seeing mine. The more the merrier, I say!

Glad to see you're aware of this ongoing disaster, btw. They've finally admitted they'd covered up the meltdown... as if it weren't obvious, but hey, 5 years later they're starting to let a little truth slip out here and there... aaaanywaaaay....

I may add to this later (hoo boy! haha), but I've got to run for now! I hope some of this helps! :)
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