SparkFun Geiger Counter - Free to good home (No GM tube)

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8 years 2 months ago - 8 years 2 months ago #2011 by Simomax
I recently bought a SparkFun Geiger Counter from ebay. I bought it mainly for the tube and got it at a good price.

The actual geiger counter is not great, but does work. I lost interest in the board when I realised I can't upload to the in-built Arduino without using an ISP programmer and I would have to solder on a header for the programmer. I dont have any use for it other than stripping for parts or throwing away so I thought I would offer it to anyone that wants it for free. If you use anything other than a LND712 tube on this it will probably need the HV power supply modifying, though that wouldn't be a bad thing as the on board HV power supply is kinda garbage. It may be of some use to someone for playing about with, stripping for patrs or maybe keeping a door open...

Please note there is no tube with this as I'm keeping it for another project. You will get everything else. One dick-rolling-red SparkFun Geiger Counter board, inside a bag, inside another bag, probably inside a jiffy bag. ;)

I will only post to the UK. Sorry guys but I really can't be arsed with sorting out international postage for this.

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