Conversion factors.

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Hello guys.

I have found some info..

The Beta/Gamma tube M4011 aka RS-DGM-005 aka J302

Both beta and gamma radiation detetion. 
Working Voltage: 380-450V 
Working Current: 0,015-0,02 mA
Sensivity to Gamma Radiation: 0.1 MeV
Own Background: 0,2 Pulses/s
Working Temperature Range: -50 +60 С
Length:  88mm
Diameter: 10mm

Model M4011 countertube
The detector is oxide cathode tube,coaxial cylindrical structure of thin walled(the denity of tube wall50±10cg/cm2),the Pulse application-oriented halogen tube,The ambient temperature from -40°C~55°C range that is exploring 20mR/h-120mR/hγ-ray and 100~1800 off variables/ 2 softβ-ray.
Diameter: Φ10±0.5mm
Length: 90±2mm
Starting voltage:<350V
Minimum plateau rang:80v
Maximum plateau slope:10%/80v
Recommended working voltage: 380V
Maximum count rate:25times/min
Limit working voltage: 550V
Life expectancy: >1×109pulse
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