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GMC-320+V5 WIFI was created by Citibroker
Dear Forum

I have just received my equipment (see above). Connected to WIFI and sending data to What are the exact server settings to upload data to directly via the GMC-320+v5 WIFI? would be the more preferred place to upload data ;-)
If not possible; is there any way to 'divert' or copy the data which is sent to to

Your help is appreciated!

Kind regards


P.S.: do I have to worry CPM is at 200 all the time; yes we live 35 KM from a nuclear plant; or is it just the Alps radiation? ;-)

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6 years 2 months ago #3329 by mw0uzo
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Hi Marcus

the web address to submit a CPM value is

Background readings will be higher if you are high up or live on naturally more radioactive rock. I'd have a good wander around to see how the reading changes, and take it when you visit somewhere else. The usual reading is 20-30CPM

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