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Nuclear Energy News -- ScienceDaily

Nuclear Energy Research. Nuclear power, fission and fusion, tabletop accelerators, and more. Read the latest scientific research on nuclear energy.
  • Identifying an initial growth process of calcium phosphate
    Korean researchers identified the initial growth process of calcium phosphate, a key component of bones, using 'TOP-MEIS (Time-of-Flight Medium Energy Ion Scattering)'. The research findings differ from existing theories and are expected to be used in research into controlling the growth and characteristics of nanoparticles.
  • A new path to solving a longstanding fusion challenge
    A new design suggests a solution to a longstanding problem for next-generation fusion power plants: how to get rid of excess heat they generate.
  • Ultrafast optical fiber-based electron gun to reveal atomic motions
    A new method will enable researchers to directly observe and capture atomic motions at surfaces and interfaces in real time.
  • The cosmological lithium problem
    An international research group has tried to find a solution to one of the unknowns in the current description of the Big Bang. Different nuclear reactions responsible for the creation and destruction of atomic nuclei in nucleosynthesis during the Big Bang are crucial in determining the primordial abundance of lithium, the third (and last) chemical element formed during the ver...
  • New concept to cool boiling surface may help prevent nuclear power plant accidents
    Scientists have demonstrated a novel concept that overcomes the tolerable heat limit or what's known as the critical heat flux (CHF). They have come up with a new method that increased the CHF by 10 percent compared to approaches used in the past.
  • Regional seismic data help locate September 2017 North Korean nuclear test
    The epicenter of the Sept. 3, 2017, nuclear test explosion in North Korea occurred about 3.6 kilometers northwest of the country's first nuclear test in October 2006, according to a new high-precision analysis of the explosion and its aftermath.
  • Tracking hydrogen movement using subatomic particles
    Scientists have developed a technique using a beam of subatomic particles called muons to track hydrogen movement in the solid magnesium hydride for the first time. The negative muon beam provided spectra that showed the local nuclear magnetic fields of hydrogens in magnesium hydride. This technique expands our ability to investigate hydrogen transfer in solid materials, which ...
  • Efficient generation of high-density plasma enabled by high magnetic field
    Scientists have demonstrated that it is possible to efficiently heat plasma by focusing a relativistic electron beam (REB) accelerated by a high-intensity short-pulse laser with the application of a magnetic field of 600 tesla (T), about 600 times greater than the magnetic energy of a neodymium magnet (the strongest permanent magnet).
  • North Korea's 2017 bomb test set off later earthquakes, new analysis finds
    Using newly refined analysis methods, scientists have discovered that a North Korean nuclear bomb test last fall set off aftershocks over a period of eight months. The shocks, which occurred on a previously unmapped nearby fault, are a window into both the physics of nuclear explosions, and how natural earthquakes can be triggered.
  • Neutrons produce first direct 3-D maps of water during cell membrane fusion
    New 3-D maps of water distribution during cellular membrane fusion are accelerating scientific understanding of cell development, which could lead to new treatments for diseases associated with cell fusion.
  • Nuclear pasta, the hardest known substance in the universe
    A team of scientists has calculated the strength of the material deep inside the crust of neutron stars and found it to be the strongest known material in the universe.
  • New world record magnetic field
    Researchers have recorded the highest magnetic field ever achieved indoors -- a discovery that may open doors for materials science and fusion energy research.
  • Separating the sound from the noise in hot plasma fusion
    For fusion power plants to be effective, scientists must find a way to trigger the low-to-high confinement transition, associated with zonal flows of plasma. Theoretically, these consist of both a stationary flow and one that oscillates at the geodesic acoustic mode. For the first time, researchers have detected GAM at two different points simultaneously within the reactor. Thi...
  • Decoupling stress and corrosion to predict metal failure
    The research challenges the traditional viewpoint that the simultaneous presence of stress and a corrosive environment is a requirement for SCC and demonstrates that stress and corrosion can act independently.
  • Toward fusion power: Optimal magnetic fields for suppressing instabilities in tokamaks
    Scientists have developed a new method for reducing instabilities in fusion plasmas without triggering a fresh problem.
Atomic Insights

Atomic Insights

Atomic energy technology, politics, and perceptions from a nuclear energy insider who served as a US nuclear submarine engineer officer
  • Making sense from radiation protection controversy
    During the past two days, I’ve spent 20-30 hours listening to and participating in a sometimes heated and often polite discussion about the health effects of low dose radiation and the rules established or needed to ensure adequate protection. It’s part of a controversy that has deep roots and stubbornly entrenched sides with a much […] The post Making sense ...
  • Displacing LNT assertion with evidence
    A joint ANS/HPS (American Nuclear Society/Health Physics Society) meeting titled “Applicability of Radiation Protection Models to Low Dose Protection Standards” (hashtag #LowDose2018) will kick-off tonight. This much anticipated event has attracted 200 medical, radiation and nuclear energy experts to the booming metropolis of Pasco, WA. The site is appropriate, Pasc...
  • Fission heated gas turbines address MIT Future of Nuclear challenges. Easier, straighter, less costly path
    Addressing Recommendations of MIT Future of Nuclear Energy In a Carbon Constrained World The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is a world renowned institution that has produced thousands of highly educated engineers and scientists. It is generously supported by foundations, corporations and governments. In 2003, the MIT Energy Initiative, began publishing a series of ...
  • California’s 100% clean electricity goal will be met more quickly and cheaply after PG&E reverses Diablo Canyon decision
    Governor Jerry Brown’s signature is the last obstacle for SB100, a bill that establishes California’s goal of producing 100% of its electricity from zero carbon sources by 2040. The bill also includes a goal of 60% of electricity from renewables, but that leaves a big space in the market for zero emission power sources like […] The post California’s 100...
  • Documentary evidence that fossil fuel industry knew–by 1948–that it faced prospect that atomic energy would make it obsolete
    No industry cheerfully accepts the prospect that a newly developed technology could make it obsolete. Executives and investors earn much of their wealth by constantly evaluating potential threats to their business. They invest time, energy and resources in conceiving and implementing response or prevention plans. “Inside the Atom” is a 1948 vintage snapshot of the [...
  • Methods used to create the “no safe dose” myth about radiation supports immediate transition to a better model
    In 1960, there was growing public concern about the potential health effects of atomic radiation. It was well known that low intensity ionizing radiation had always been a part of our natural environment. It was also well known that mankind had developed ways to produce and control ionizing radiation to great benefit in diagnostic medicine […] The post Methods used to cr...
  • NAVIGANT analysis of Vogtle expansion provided to JEA in Sep 2017 understates fuel price risks
    Aaron Zahn, the interim managing director and CEO of the Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA), believes it is time to give up on the Vogtle expansion project. On August 17, he sent a letter to James Fuller, the President and CEO of of MEAG (Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia) Power detailing his company’s desire to rid […] The post NAVIGANT analysis of Vogtle...
  • Digging into NextEra’s decision to close Duane Arnold Energy Center
    On Friday, July 27, NextEra Energy Resources issued a press release titled NextEra Energy Resources and Alliant Energy agree to shorten the term of the Duane Arnold Energy Center power purchase agreement; Alliant Energy customers to save hundreds of millions of dollars. Aside: While researching this article, I learned that the word “will” is considered […] Th...
  • Why can’t existing nuclear plants make money in today’s electricity markets?
    What does it mean when nuclear plant owners tell people that their plants are struggling to make money in competitive markets as currently structured? They are attempting to more precisely state what is often misleadingly dismissed by journalists as “nuclear plants cannot compete.” The more commonly used statement gives the impression that nuclear plants produce [&h...
  • With immediate and profound changes, U.S. nuclear power can become an unexpected but welcome low carbon wedge
    Researchers from Carnegie Mellon, University of San Diego, and Harvard recently published a useful call to action titled U.S. nuclear power: The vanishing low-carbon wedge. For pro-nuclear observers and debaters, their conclusion may seem quite depressing. It should be a source of profound concern for all who care about climate change that, for entirely predictable […] T...
  • Nuclear plant output in China poised for rapid increases in 2018-2020
    The last two days in June 2018 saw the first power generation from two separate first of a kind nuclear plants in China. Taishan 1, a 1650 MWe European Pressurized Reactor (EPR) was connected to the grid at 5:59 pm local time on June 29, 2018. Less than 24 hours later, at 4:48 pm local […] The post Nuclear plant output in China poised for rapid increases in 2018-2020 app...
  • Returning soon
    Many days have passed since the last post here. Those of you who follow @Atomicrod on Twitter know that I have neither disappeared nor retired completely from the fray. After the 4th of July, you should begin seeing more frequent, but still irregular updates here. A word of advice based on recent learning experiences; I’ll […] The post Returning soon appeared first...
  • “Waste issue” continues to be part of antinuclear movement strategy of constipation
    (Reprint. Originally published September 17, 2013. During the 4.5 years since the original appeared, the licensing moratorium mentioned has been lifted, and the confidence rule has been replaced by Continued Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel [NRC–2012–0246] but stubborn opposition arises in response to any proposed solutions.) During the 1970s, the antinuclear movement ...
  • Atomic fission technology is a terrible candidate for a “do not resuscitate” order. Antinuclear groups MUST not be granted right to put one in place
    I’m going to beg forgiveness and literary license for the following extended, potentially inappropriate, and perhaps too personal metaphor. For several weeks, I’ve been struggling with finding my “voice” in dealing with current events related to the U.S. electricity production system. As part of my healing process, I went on a several day long reading [&...
  • Is America’s vaunted electricity supply system on course for rocks and shoals?
    Late last week, while many observers were focused on a long weekend of religious celebrations with friends and families, there were several announcements made in the slowly developing crisis in the American electricity supply system. Operators of a number of several large power plants with the ability to produce electricity night and day, wind or […] The post Is America&...

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Energy News
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  • U.S. manufacturers’ short-term capability to switch fuels continues to decline
    Some manufacturing plants can take advantage of relative price differences and cope with supply shortages by switching the fuels used in their furnaces, boilers, ovens, and other combustors. In the United States, the capability of the manufacturing sector to switch the fuels it uses has declined in recent decades, as described in a new report from EIA’s 2014 Manufacturing...
  • Natural gas pipeline rupture in Canada affects U.S. energy markets
    The October 9, 2018 rupture of Enbridge’s BC natural gas pipeline near Prince George, British Columbia, continues to affect natural gas supply, electricity generation, and petroleum refining in the U.S. Pacific Northwest. The BC Pipeline links natural gas production in northeastern British Columbia with distribution markets in Canada as well as Washington, Oregon, and Ida...
  • Natural gas-fired power plants are being added and used more in PJM Interconnection
    The average annual capacity factors for natural gas-fired generators in the PJM Interconnection—the largest competitive wholesale electricity market in the United States—have increased in recent years, reflecting greater use of natural gas-fired generators in the region.
  • The changing U.S. energy trade balance is still dominated by crude oil imports
    During the past decade, the U.S. trade gap for energy products has narrowed. From 2003 to 2007, the value of energy imports was about 10 times greater than the value of exports. By 2017, imports were only about 1.5 times greater than exports according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau.
  • U.S. nuclear plant outages increased in September after remaining low during summer
    Electric generation capacity losses as a result of U.S. nuclear plant outages were relatively low during much of the 2018 summer, averaging 2.8 gigawatts (GW) from June through August. This year’s seasonal maintenance and refueling cycle began earlier than in recent years, and total nuclear outages averaged 14.5 GW in the last week of September. The earlier-than-expected ...

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Nuclear and wmd news covering nuclear an chemical weapons, nuclear proliferation and arms control.
  • Moon’s nuclear diplomacy a ‘dangerous gamble’: analysts
    South Korean President Moon Jae-in has embarked on a “dangerous gamble”, analysts said, after he secured only minimal concessions from Kim Jong Un to reboot the North’s nuclear negotiations with Washington. Moon flew to Pyongyang this week for his third summit with Kim seeking a concrete gesture to rekindle the stalled denuclearisation talks between the [&hell...
  • Iran Warns It Will Step Up Nuclear Activities if 2015 Deal Falls Apart
    Iran will relaunch its nuclear program and enrich uranium at a higher level than it has previously if Russia, China, and European powers follow the U.S. example and stop honoring Iran’s 2015 nuclear agreement, Iran’s nuclear agency has warned. “We will not return to previous levels if our counterparts leave the [nuclear deal], but will […]
  • Pakistani Nuclear Forces, 2018
    The Nuclear Notebook is researched and written by Hans M. Kristensen, director of the Nuclear Information Project with the Federation of American Scientists, and Robert S. Norris, a senior fellow with the FAS. The Nuclear Notebook column has been published in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists since 1987. This issue’s column examines Pakistan’s nuclear […]
  • Nuke Review Calls for Triad Modernization to Maintain Deterrence
    The United States must recapitalize the nuclear triad and accompanying command-and-control system to continue to maintain deterrence into the future, Defense Secretary James N. Mattis wrote in the preface to the Nuclear Posture Review released today. In one of his first acts as president, Donald J. Trump directed Mattis to conduct the review, last conducted […]
  • Pentagon Releases New Nuclear Strategy
    The Nuclear Posture Review released today is a strategy to keep America safe with a deterrent that is modern and credible, Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick M. Shanahan said today in rolling out the strategy. The NPR reaffirms that the fundamental role of U.S. nuclear policy is deterrence and continues the clear commitment to non-proliferation and […]
  • France says ‘go ahead’ to African security initiatives
    France’s Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian on Tuesday encouraged African nations calling for greater autonomy over their security to “go for it”, following the launch of a regional anti-jihad force in the Sahel. France currently has its own a 4,000-strong counter-terror force named Barkhane tackling militants and banditry in West and Central African nations ...
  • Russia Tests Combat Readiness of its Strategic Nuclear Forces
    Russia on Thursday conducted large-scale military drills to test the combat readiness of its strategic nuclear forces, including launches of multiple ballistic missiles, Russian Defense Ministry said. “Practical combat actions of the personnel of command-and-control centers of the Russian Strategic Missile Forces, crews of the nuclear-powered submarines of the Northern an...
  • Nuclear Weapons: Who are the World’s Haves and Have Nots?
    A large number of national representatives currently attending the General Assembly in New York have already signed the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. They seek a world free from “doomsday weapons,” as secretary-general Antonio Guterres put it. Yet the nuclear powers themselves have so far refused to sign on. Who has nuclear […]
  • South Korea to Bring Back US Tactical Nuclear Missiles?
    Opposition parties and sections of South Korea’s media are stepping up calls for the government to invite the United States to reintroduce tactical nuclear weapons to the country as Pyongyang is showing no signs of halting its development of nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles. The US withdrew its battlefield nuclear weapons from South Korea […]
  • China ‘strongly condemns’ North Korean nuclear test: foreign ministry
    China strongly condemned North Korea’s Sunday nuclear test, slamming Pyongyang for ignoring international condemnation of its atomic weapons programme. North Korea “has ignored the international community’s widespread opposition, again carrying out a nuclear test. China’s government expresses resolute opposition and strong condemnation toward this,&rdquo...

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  • New Bragging Rights for Pluto? It May Be the Biggest Dwarf Planet
    Pluto's dinky diameter wasn't the official reason it was demoted from the planetary club back in 2006, but symbolically, size was the last straw. When Caltech astronomer Mike Brown spotted the object we now call Eris back in 2005 and astronomers figured it to be larger than Pluto, the former ninth planet's fate was sealed. Now Pluto's reclassification as a "dwarf planet" and th...
  • Going Direct: Researchers Change Skin Into Blood With No Stops in Between
    It may not be as miraculous as turning water into wine, or as wealth-generating as turning dirt into gold, but we still think this is a very cool trick: Researchers have transformed mature skin cells directly into mature blood cells. Crucially, this was done without reverting the cells to a flexible, "pluripotent" stage in which the cells can grow into any form. The technique,...
  • Right Now Might Be Our Last Chance to Go to Mars in Our Lifetimes
    America's current plans for human space exploration seem horribly slow, considering we won't leave Earth's orbit until 2025 and won't reach Mars until 2035. Worse than that, solar radiation spikes could keep us grounded for decades more. The Sun emits a steady stream of potentially deadly cosmic radiation. As long as humans remain within the Earth's atmosphere, the threa...
  • 2D + 2D + 2D = 3D

  • Did Physicists Find Evidence of a Fourth Neutrino Flavor?
    When neutrinos change from one phase to another, they tell us something about their mysterious nature. These ghostly subatomic particles come in three flavors, physicists say: muon, tau, and electron. Just this summer, a team caught a neutrino in the act of changing from muon to tau, a finding that backed up the argument that these particles do, in fact, have mass. This week, a...
  • Holographic Video Device Could Bring Star Wars Tech to Your Living Room
    Is 3D technology the next big wave in video? Or should we skip right ahead to holography? New research is developing ways to stream almost-live video to holographic display, providing a three-dimensional, realistic image without the need for those dorky plastic 3D glasses. And before you ask--yes, this does bring us one step closer to living in a Star Wars world, where holograp...
  • Will the Supreme Court Let California Kids Buy Violent Video Games?
    Today, video games have their day in court. The Supreme Court is going to hear arguments of a California law meant to restrict the sale of extremely violent video games to minors, and to punish those who do so by fine. A 2005 California law prohibits selling or renting such games to minors based on legislative findings that they stimulate "feelings of aggression," reduce "activ...
  • USB Ports on New York City’s Streets: Plug in if You Dare
    Would you connect your laptop to a random USB port installed on a wall on a city street? I don't think I would, but Aram Bartholl, a German artist and architect currently residing in New York City, is betting that some people will be brave enough. Bartholl explains the purpose of his new art installation on his website: ‘Dead Drops’ is an anonymous, offline, peer t...
  • Miniature Human Liver Grown in Lab; Seems to Work Like the Real Thing
    Researchers have built miniature human livers in the lab, which could lead to better drug discovery and could even point the way toward implantable artificial organs. The mini-livers seem to act like human livers in the lab, but it remains to be seen how well they'll survive and perform when transplanted into animals or, maybe one day, humans. “We are excited about the po...
  • Is Dark Matter Supernatural?
    No, it's not. Don't be alarmed: nobody is claiming that dark matter is supernatural. That's just the provocative title of a blog post by Chris Schoen, asking whether science can address "supernatural" phenomena. I think it can, all terms properly defined. This is an old question, which has come up again in a discussion that includes Russell Blackford, Jerry Coyne, John Piere...
  • The Robotic Right Stuff: What It Takes to Become the First Robot Astronaut
    When the space shuttle Discovery launches on Thursday (weather and technology permitting), it will be ferrying an unusual passenger to the International Space Station: Robonaut 2. This humanoid robot was designed by NASA and General Motors to work alongside astronauts on the space station, and could eventually take over some tedious or dangerous tasks. Human beings who dream o...
  • China Unveils the Fastest Supercomputer in the World. Should We Panic?
    This week China unveiled a new supercomputer that's pretty darn quick. The Tianhe-1A machine housed at the National Supercomputing Center in Tianjin reportedly works at the rate of 2.5 petaflops (a petaflop being about a thousand trillion operations per second), and reportedly will take the top spot in the rankings of world supercomputers when the people who attend to this lis...
  • Astronomers Predict a Bonanza of Earth-Sized Exoplanets
    The universe abounds with Earth-sized planets. That hopeful notion has been reinforced by individual planets finds like possible Goldilocks planet Gliese 581g, by the hordes of planet candidates discovered by the Kepler mission, and now, by a census of a small space in the sky that tells us one in four sun-like stars should possess worlds that are close to the size of Earth. ...
  • How “Snowball Earth” Could Have Triggered the Rise of Life
    The retreat of the ice covering "Snowball Earth" 700 million years ago might have been the key to the Cambrian explosion that seeded our planet with diverse forms of life. But the trigger may not have been the changes to the climate, but rather the release of phosphorus into the ocean. During this time period, called the Cryogenian or Snowball Earth stage, the entire planet wa...
  • Bacteria Gone Wild

energy/utilities-energy/power feed from realwire

energy/utilities-energy/power feed from realwire

Most recent 15 energy/utilities-energy/power articles distributed by realwire
  • Natural Power advises Statkraft on Element Power acquisition
    Leading renewable energy and infrastructure consultancy, Natural Power, has provided technical due diligence support to Statkraft for the acquisition of the Irish and UK wind development businesses of the Element Power Group. The transaction provides Statkraft with a large onshore wind development pipeline in Ireland and strengthens its position in the UK. It is already Europe&...
  • IMImobile announces npower as first Apple Business Chat client in the UK
    Energy provider to use Apple Business Chat for Contact Centre agents to support smart meter roll out LONDON, 11th October 2018 – Global cloud communications software and solutions provider IMImobile PLC, today announced that one of the largest energy providers in the UK, npower, is its first client on Apple Business Chat. npower will be utilising Apple Business Chat to im...
  • Natural Power advises Greencoat Renewables on Coillte wind acquisition
    Leading renewable energy and infrastructure consultancy, Natural Power, has provided technical due diligence support to Greencoat Renewables PLC for the acquisition of Coillte’s shareholding in its portfolio of operating wind generation assets across Ireland.The acquisition comprises: 50% stake in Raheenleagh wind farm in County Wicklow50% stake in Cloosh Valley wind farm...
  • Argus, Ineos, GE Global, Calor Gas and Gibson Shipbrokers discuss new LPG investment projects, product pricing and global market trends
    Global energy and commodity price-reporting agency Argus will host the Argus European LPG Markets 2018 conference in London, UK, on 3-5 December.Drawing on the success of a global series of established LPG shows, the ninth annual event is focused on European markets and will bring together LPG producers, suppliers and market specialists from Belgium, Croatia, the Czech Republic...
  • HUBER+SUHNER to showcase smart solutions for energy networks at WindEnergy Hamburg
    The company’s innovative solutions across fiber-optics, radio-frequency and low-frequency will be on display Herisau, 24 September - Leading international manufacturer of applications and solutions for optical and electrical connectivity, HUBER+SUHNER, is set to demonstrate its portfolio of smart energy solutions at WindEnergy Hamburg, taking place September 25-28, 2018.T...
  • Schneider Electric Innovation Summit Singapore: Powering and Digitizing the Economy
    London UK, 20th September 2018 - Schneider Electric, the leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation, is hosting more than 1,500 customers, partners, suppliers and influencers at its latest Innovation Summit, September 20-21 at Singapore Marina Bay Sands. The event brings together Schneider Electric experts and world-leading industry thinkers to share i...
  • Schneider Electric accelerates renewables adoption with expanded NEO Network
    Schneider Electric opens its renewable energy and cleantech community to commercial and industrial companies globallyBusinesses can join more than 100 current NEO Network members to access exclusive offers, market intelligence and assessment toolsNew apps and analytics provide a data-driven, custom understanding of renewable energy opportunities LONDON, Sept. 12, 2018 – S...
  • Schneider Electric announces the 10 teams of finalists for Go Green in the City 2018
    They will meet in the United States to present their ideas for smarter and more sustainable cities In 2018, the idea of one of the finalist teams at the previous meeting was successfully patentedLondon (UK), September 12, 2018 – Schneider Electric, the leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation, announced on September 6 the list of 10 teams to co...
  • Off Grid Energy charge ahead with smart solution for EV grid constraints at LCV 2018
    The showcase follows recent success with UPS Camden electric vehicle installation Bedford, 11 September: Off Grid Energy, specialists in energy storage for temporary and permanent applications, will showcase its smart solutions to help achieve electric vehicle (EV) targets and increase productivity when struggling against local grid constraints at Low Carbon Vehicle (LCV) 2018,...
  • Natural Power to co-host Quo Vadis
    Natural Power is set to co-host the 12th annual Quo Vadis Conference which takes place on Wednesday 19th and Thursday 20th September 2018 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Glasgow.This invitation-only event is recognised by wind farm owners and operators as one of the most important and valuable events in the wind industry.Stuart Egan, Head of Site Operations at Natural Power, will ...
  • Avoidable customer churn costs British businesses £25 billion
    Electricity, insurance, gas and broadband suppliers top the CallMiner Index Empathy in call centres is key to loyalty success London, United Kingdom, 3rd September 2018. New research released today by CallMiner, the leading platform provider of award-winning speech and customer engagement analytics, reveals that British businesses are driving customers away for completely avoid...
  • Orsted, CM Biomass Partners, Stockholm Exergi, Hofor and Bioenergy Europe, discuss biomass sourcing strategies and raw feedstock availability
    Global energy and commodity price-reporting agency Argus will host the Argus Biomass Nordics and Baltics 2018 conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 29-31 October.Drawing on the success of the flagship London Biomass conference, the inaugural event focused on the Nordic and Baltic regions, and will bring together wood chip and wood pellet specialists from Denmark, Estonia, Finla...
  • Aareon Supports Digital Transformation At Equity Housing Group
    Stockport based Equity Housing Group has embarked on a comprehensive digital transformation agenda with the support of a new social housing system from Aareon UK ( Combined, the new system delivers the widely acclaimed Aareon QL ERP solution, 1st Touch Mobile workforce software, customer self-service portal and CRM. With over 5,000 properties combining shared...
  • London leaves the most lights on in the war on Energy Waste
    UK consumers leave 77 million lights, electronic devices or appliances on or on standby in the UK each day when not in use90% of UK consumers have no plans to do more to improve their own well-being and that of the planetOver 11.8 million more devices and lights are left on or on standby when not in use each day in the South of England than in the North[1]London alone leaves 11...
  • Brexit casts a shadow over UK's Green Future according to Schneider Electric report
    UK consumers are more than twice as concerned about Brexit than the nation’s health and wellbeing and more than five times as concerned about it than environmental issuesAugust 1st is the earliest Earth Overshoot Day has ever fallen, yet the vast majority of UK consumers don’t have any plans to improve the way they live their lives from either a health or environmen...
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