Got GPS working today, the USB stick arrived this morning. Operation is simple, enable or disable and choose GPS COM port. The GPS coordinates are sent to with each CPM reading. The GPS reading updates the current marker location on the map. This will be the simple beginnings of a feature filled positioning and monitoring capability.
All components have been ordered for the radbox-20.
PCBs have arrived.
SBM-20 tubes have arrived.
Welcome dj_drops to!
Haha, with amazing help from Juraj OM1AMJ, RadLog can now send your radiation data via APRS! Go to and search for MW0UZO.
Welcome raybo to! :)
raybo has a GMC-320-Plus geiger counter with M4011 tube.
Great to have another Japan station!
Welcome to new station tcall in Grimsby, UK :)
tcall has a RH DIY Geiger counter with SBM-20 tube.
Due to a vital parcel of components being delayed for a repair job today, I found myself with some free time so did some more work on RadLog.
Todays improvements toward v0.42
- Adjustable attack and decay for audio envelope detection to suit a wide range of pulse widths and speeds.
- Lite/Pro modes removed. Software will have all features enabled all the time. About tab contains a thank you if the user has donated.
- Logo updated
- New icons for window, systray, fixing missing icon problem on Win7
- Lots of FTP features added for cool personal website stuff:
In addition to the usual scrolling FTP graph upload
- Graph upload with filename variables for web historical graph log
- Long term graph upload
- Distribution graph upload
- Raw data upload
- Fixed stuck on CPM bug on long term graph in Shared Data
Welcome ruengels1 to! :)
ruengels1 has a GMC-300E-Plus with M4011 tube.
Welcome  hjz6481 to! :)
hjz6481 has a NetIO GC10 with SBM-20 tube.

Welcome James_Gy to! :)
James has a RH Electronics DIY Arduino Geiger with STS-5 tube.

Welcome edsimmons to! :)
Ed has a NetIO GC-10 with SBM-20 tube.
Great news! The radbox-20 is available for pre-order from the Shop. There are three types available. A fully assembled unit with SBM-20 tube is £99. The kit with SBM-20 tube is £74. The kit without SBM-20 tube is £60. There will only be 10 units available across the three types for this first batch!

Happy new year from!
2014 was a great year for us. Born from a simple web radiation logging project in September 2013, RadLog and the website have seen significant development. Thanks to all the people who have supported it, chosen to use it and dedicated resources to making their own radiation monitoring stations. It's been a pleasure to see all the data coming in. Roll on 2015!
Welcome jnissen!
jnissen has a GQ GMC-300 geiger counter with M4011 tube.
Today the radbox-20 prototype was finished, fitted with seals and installed outside!
It was installed outside at a comfortable working level, as it will probably need to be taken off again at some point for more photos and writing of the instructions. Light was fading quickly...

It was installed with the LED and click active. The click is quiet, like a drop of water falling onto a surface so I will probably leave it enabled. It will be interesting to see if there are any weather related detection in the near future. Keep an eye on my shared data under station 'mw0uzo' in RadLog!
The costings for the radbox-20 are nearly complete, so tomorrow I should be able to give some more information about it.
Welcome harddrive9000 to! :)
Pablo has an RH Electronics DIY geiger kit, attached to an Arduino with an SBM-20 tube.
Ok, the case graphics are done! The unit will be soon ready for pre-order! Got to get the usual preparations done for the family for Christmas, then I will be able to put together the costs and prepare the pre-order page. Let me know via the forums if you want a unit, assembled or kit.

Welcome Ithink1966 to!
Fabrizio has a 'Arduino IDE compatible DIY kit Geiger radiation counter /w LCD shield and USB' from ebay with SBM-20 tube.
The front panel graphics have been designed. There are two versions to choose from: 'FUNKY' and 'FLAT'.
The funky design looks pretty cool and would suit enthusiasts. The flat design is for mounting the unit where it can be seen and visual impact is a concern.
Those of you who frequent the forums will have noticed the radbox-20. Its an external radiation monitoring unit, completely waterproof with 10m long cable and waterproof count indicator. The detector is SBM-20 tube. Today the process for designing and making the front panel graphics is underway. There will be two designs to choose from and they should be ready by Friday! If you are interested in one of these units, please let me know on the forum, PM or email.

Welcome maredentro72 to!
maredentro72 is in Montebello Vicentino, Italy.
Thimo, station ThibmoRozier on has taken pyradmon under his wing and added some improvements!
It now supports audio counting mode and has two flavours, one for a single geiger counter and the other for two called 'multipyradmon'.
I have updated the Download page with the new pyradmon project location:
The pyradmon project is key to supporting Linux and other platforms out there. Thank you Thimo for your efforts!
Welcome to new station in kossu_fin in Lappeenranta, Finland! :)
kossu_fin has a GMC-320Plus with M4011 tube.
kossu_fin in Lappeenranta, Finland
kossu_fin in Lappeenranta, Finland

Welcome to new station sp3tlu in Kaszczor, Poland ! :)
sp3tlu has a homebrew counter connected to an Arduino with SI22G or SI8B tubes.