Welcome to new station Hakunin in Płock, Poland
Hakunin has a Radiatex MRD-2 with STS-5 tube.
Welcome Tile to radmon.org!
Tile has a homebrew geiger counter with SBM-20 tube.
Welcome vanLeeuwen to radmon.org!
vanLeeuwen has an aruduino based geiger counter with SBM-20 tube, outdoors.
Welcome kontiddin to radmon.org!
kontiddi has an arduino based geiger counter with SBM-20 tube, outdoors :)
Welcome pe1nsu to radmon.org! :)

Welcome DExUS to radmon.org! :)

DExUS has a NetIO GC-10 with SBM-20 tube.

Welcome Angelos2 to radmon.org! :)
Angelos2 has a GMC-300E with M4011 tube.
Welcome k210ing to radmon.org! :D
k210ing has a DIY Geiger Counter, with an j408γ Tube
Welcome owai to radmon.org! :)
owai has an Arduino Mega equipped with a Libelium shield and J305ß Geiger tube
Welcome f6cnb to radmon.org!  :)
f6cnb has a GMC-320Plus with M4011 tube and RPi.
Welcome sandi to radmon.org!
sandi has a BroHogan GK-B5 with SBM-20 tube.
Welcome Roddelin to radmon.org!
Roddelin has a NetIO GC-10 with SBM-20 tube.
I took the webserver down for some work on the image file, anticipating that the work would take about half an hour. Instead it took a lot longer! We're back on line. I probably should have done this work early in the morning... There are still a few tasks left to finish off the server work, next job is the backup system.
radmon.org is now running on the new, decent, server! At last! It didn't all go quite to plan, but it now works! Let me know on the forum how much faster things are, e.g. graph drawing etc.
The first test of the new radmon.org server went well today. I put it live for about 20-30 mins to test all the functions. Everything works as it should. The speedup over the old server is really significant, 10x+ speedup for drawing graphs etc. The graphs on the map markers are drawn instantly and the detailed graphs on the userpages draw within a second or two. This will allow much better handling of the graphs on the userpages. Some new HDs have been ordered for the server for long term reliability. Please donate to help cover the cost of them!
I am looking forward to getting this running for good as it means I can focus again on improving the software, I know there are many of you waiting for RadLog v0.42 and its added features. It will also mark the end of any more significant expenditures on hardware, this should keep radmon.org running responsively and reliably for years to come.
Welcome Bert490 to radmon.org! :D
Welcome wa5dxp to radmon.org! :D
Welcome fredette to radmon.org!
fredette has a RH Electronics DIY V3 kit with SBM-20 tube.
Welcome switchingpower to radmon.org!
switchingpower has a homebrew geiger counter with SBM-19 tube.
Ok its all installed and working. Had a few problems with the new router refusing to forward a port, but a hack to the http request in the address bar fixed it, haha.
The next job is to move from the 'trusty' Athlon XP server to the Xeon server. There are a few puzzles to solve for that, the switch will happen in a few days.
As part of the ongoing improvements to radmon.org, fibre is being installed here to provide maximum performance for the website users. This will happen tomorrow, the 31st of March in the afternoon, UK time. Expected downtime a few hours maximum. The new servers will be put into operation soon, watch this space.
Welcome GandalfDerGraue to radmon.org!
GandalfDerGraue has a uradmonitor geiger counter with SBM-20 tube and is writing a script to send the data to radmon :)
Electrical work has been completed, we're back online :)
There is some electrical work being done here Wed 18th March which means the power will have to be switched off. So the website will be down until power is restored. Expected downtime 6hrs, probably less.