Vladimir Putin’s military may have carried out a secret Arctic nuclear test after a huge spike in dangerous radiation levels were detected across Europe. The worrying claims came as the US Air Force sent a special WC-135 Constant Phoenix – whose main mission is to detect and identify nuclear explosions from the air – to RAF Mildenhall.

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his is significant as Iodine 131 has a short half life and is only emitted in large quantities in a nuclear accident.

Possible detection of washout by radmon station Simomax?

Or a nuclear test?? (thx Bethsalem)

GK-B5 SI-180G tube in Gothenburg / Sweden
'The reactor at the Institute for Energy Technology in Halden, southern Norway, spilled radioactive iodine isotopes on Monday, according to the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (NPRA).

"The radioactive leak was due to a technical failure during treatment of the fuel in the reactor hall. Emissions are low,” the NRPA said.

Staff at the facility were evacuated immediately after the incident but the NPRA was not informed until the following day.'

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