So at last - presenting the new website! A new logo, a better professional look, user submitted articles with comments and a new forum.
I hope you like the changes. There will be a few niggles with the website address changing as features are used, these will fix themselves as I complete the changeover.
Please report any problems to me in case I have missed them.
Dan mw0uzo

Users of the old forum will have to register with the new forum.
Development has gone well. The main maps page, user, alerts and forum pages are working. The next task is to work out how the user news feature is going to work.
Many of you will be accustomed to the somewhat scruffy and simple design of the first website! Well after the recent storm of development on RadLog, adding in all the cool new features, it is only right that the website gets some similar attention. The design is intended to be clean and professionaland hopefully isn't too boring. While I'm comfortable with the technical side of the website, the graphical side is not my forte, however it has come out alright! With a little luck the site will be ready to put live soon!