Worcester, MA. USAGMC-320+V4M4011Counter is set up next to a north facing window, opened occasionally
Welcome to fell in Hronske Kosihy, Slovakia.
fell has a RH electronics DIY counter with SBM-20 tube

Welcome to EricFu in Pottendorf, buy meridia online, Baden, Austria.
EricFu has a GQ GMC-320 with M4011 tube.

Welcome to hexxter in Virgo Supercluster/Milky May/Orionarm/Sun System/Earth/Central Europe/Germany/Bavaria/Kallmünz (haha)
hexxter has a BroHogan GK-RadMon with SBM-20 tube.

Welcome to westerbergwetter in Osnabrück, Germany.
westerbergwetter has a GMC-320 plus Raspberry PI2 and SBM-20 tube.

Great to have you all here at radmon.org :D
Welcome bashtata to radmon.org!
bashtata has an Arduino IDE Geiger Counter DIY Kit with LCD with SBM-20 tube
Hello I do not know English. I want to join in radmon.org  SBM-20 и Arduino IDE DIY Geiger Kit ver. 1.01 with EEPROM logging  Radiation LoggerI'm in Bulgaria, Sofia
At last the V0.42 alpha is available. I know its been a long time, lots of features were added - too many at once which bogged down development until it was good enough to release. It is an alpha release, so use only if you want to test and report bugs back.

New features

- Lite/Pro mode removed
- Coincident events and reporting
- Multiple serial formats, MightyOhm compatibilty added
- GPS position reporting from GPS USB stick
- SFTP and FTP mode. Different graphs and analysis can be uploaded
- Counter failure emails
- Multiple warning and alert emails
- Station synopsis and coincidence lists in Log and Shared Log
- Adjustable envelope detection for audio mode
- Report to APRS via internet
- Radio beacon modes CW, QRSS, Hellschreiber for 30m etc. If you set up a 30m beacon with this, please let me know I would love to RX it or find it on a QRSS grabber somewhere..
- APRS radio packet mode VHF and HF. This has a bug preventing operation. If you can analyse APRS packets, please check the test packet and help me find the last bug..

Here's the link