Welcome to fell in Hronske Kosihy, Slovakia.
fell has a RH electronics DIY counter with SBM-20 tube

Welcome to EricFu in Pottendorf, buy meridia online, Baden, Austria.
EricFu has a GQ GMC-320 with M4011 tube.

Welcome to hexxter in Virgo Supercluster/Milky May/Orionarm/Sun System/Earth/Central Europe/Germany/Bavaria/Kallmünz (haha)
hexxter has a BroHogan GK-RadMon with SBM-20 tube.

Welcome to westerbergwetter in Osnabrück, Germany.
westerbergwetter has a GMC-320 plus Raspberry PI2 and SBM-20 tube.

Great to have you all here at radmon.org :D

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