RadLog v0.41 is available again at the Software page! This download is from a known clean source separate from the compromised server. radmon.org was down for a few days due to a problem with the SQL database after a machine hang. New registration system work is ongoing. Thank you Frank for your email!
Hello all! I am figuring out how to combine the registration system and the radmon.org core together, so all registrations will be automatic. While I sort it all out, stations may disappear and website operation may be broken. Thank you to people who have emailed or tried to get in contact to see what is happening, I know it has been some time since the rebuild was started. Registrations will remain closed while I test. RadLog will be available again soon via the download page. Dan
Hey all, radmon.org is just waiting for some development time to get it back in order and better than before. Stay tuned! We WILL be back!


- Rebuilt radmon.org core
- Installed fresh server
- Installed fresh CMS
- Migrated core to CMS and new server
- Changes to core to allow logging of extra types of data
- SSL enabled - https:// available. Default web requests redirect to the https. Standard http:// still available for old browsers and detectors with web capability :) Browse to http://radmon.org/index.php for old computers.
- Station list and alerts recovered.
- Automatically updating detailed graphs. Users who run scripts to refresh the graphs can discontinue sending requests.

To do:

- Download data from user page
- Yearly graphs
- Proper station registration system
- Transfer user and forum data
- Re-enable and fix RadLog shared data
- Rebuild RadLog with some fixes and roadblock features disabled

Stay tuned!


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