Private messaging system is restored.
I have migrated the forum data and userlist! Previous users can now log in and use the forum. New registrations are still disabled due to the need for a working local email server and reCaptcha setup. I'm on the case.
RadLog v0.41 is available again at the Software page! This download is from a known clean source separate from the compromised server. was down for a few days due to a problem with the SQL database after a machine hang. New registration system work is ongoing. Thank you Frank for your email!
Hello all! I am figuring out how to combine the registration system and the core together, so all registrations will be automatic. While I sort it all out, stations may disappear and website operation may be broken. Thank you to people who have emailed or tried to get in contact to see what is happening, I know it has been some time since the rebuild was started. Registrations will remain closed while I test. RadLog will be available again soon via the download page. Dan
Solar powered Raspberry Pi 4 server stats: CPU 71% Memory 16% Swap 14% CPU temp=62.8'C Uptime 14 Days