Welcome focal to radmon.org!
focal has a GMC-300E with M4011 tube, connected to a Raspberry Pi.
The chat room is back in a better form. To visit it, click on the 'Scrollback' bar at the bottom of the screen.
Some of the new radmon.org stations might have been wondering why your map graphs weren't working - there were some permissions/owner problems with new files and folders created by the system. These have been fixed now so everything should be working. I have also disabled the auto update of r@h sensors because they were causing the map to refresh every time the number of stations changed. This was often enough to be annoying while using the map. Please report any problems to me on the forum.
Welcome vdsbg81 to radmon.org!
vdsbg81 has a BroHogan GK-B5 geiger counter with SBM-20 tube.
Welcome Bryan to radmon.org!
Bryan has two geiger counters, an Aware RM-60 and RM-80. RM-80 with fan-filter add-on
and LND 712,  LND 7313 tubes.
The alerts system was accidentally broken in the server move. It's now fixed.
Welcome daghtus to radmon.org!
daghtus has a NetIO GC-10 with an SBM-20 tube.
Welcome to new station mvog!
mvog has a GK-B5 with LND712 tube, outdoors!
Great to have yet another high sensitivity station :)
Welcome Kaeltis to radmon.org
Kaeltis has a GK Plus geiger counter with SBM-19 tube.
The server will be up and down over the next few days. Two failing disks (same model and age) in the backup set caused the server to fall over during backups early this morning (and yesterday morning).
They will need to be replaced. If problems continue, I will put some of the recent donations to use and buy some new hard disks. Thanks for supporting radmon.org! And bear with me while I get the hardware stable.
Welcome mariusmihaica to radmon.org!
mariusmihaica has a MyGeiger with SBM-20 tube.
Service may be intermittent while I test a new server. Please bear with me while I sort out lots of annoying problems. It seems to be working ok at the moment, its picking up new data from lots of stations out there. Things that are known to be broken:  Email alerts, RadLog Shared Data uploads.

Initial reports are good, responsiveness is great in Cardiff and Ireland. Please report the speed of radmon.org where you are, particularly if its any different to how it was before.
Welcome magoo to radmon.org! :)
magoo has a MyGeiger with SBM-20 tube.
Thimo registered an IRC chat room for radmon.org.
So I added an chat box underneath the map on the main page. To access the room, enter your nickname, the captcha then click 'Connect'.
Welcome Mark to radmon.org!
Mark has a MyGeiger with SBM-20 tube.
Attention all: radmon.org has outgrown its server!
radmon.org needs donations to cover the cost of a dedicated server. Please help!
Some significant performance upgrades have been applied to the radmon.org system. All should feel the effect of this, already the site feels a lot snappier than it was.
Keep an eye out for any problems, let me know via the forum.
The HF beacon modes new to v0.42 have been improved.
There are now the options of
a) Standard CW
b) QRSS CW (very slow CW for long distance/low power operations)
c) QRSS Hellschreiber...   as seen in the following screens:
This transmission was picked up in Norway and the Netherlands, from the UK]

Welcome to EurekaCalifornia in Eureka, California! :)
Eureka has an Inspector geiger counter with pancake tube.
Welcome adam to radmon.org! :)
adam has a GQ GMC-320 Plus geiger counter with M4011 tube
A CW beacon mode has been added to RadLog v0.42. Current modes are standard CW morse at selectable words per minute and QRSS3, 6, 10 and 30 (very slow) modes.
Currently testing on 10.140Mhz, QRSS3 at 1.5W of power. Check http://swharden.com/qrss/plus/ for QRSS grabbers, e.g. LA5GOA and look for MW0UZO at the middle of the plot, around 10.139975.
Message sent:
It has been noticed by many the very high readings on sunsmoke's station in Roswell, GA, USA. Well these reading are real mesasurements, not hardware fault or error:

From the forums:

" Hi All!
The high readings for the GA station are actually real. My cat just got back from an I131 treatment at the vet on Tuesday, Jan 20.
The counter is in the room with her near where I guess she's laying down.
She's pretty mad at me about the whole vet thing, but I got her to sit still for about 6 sec, and got a reading of about 37000cpm
with the tube held about an inch from her neck, on Fri, Jan 23.
Anyone good enough with math to properly calculate the biological half-life of I131 ? "

radmon.org is not just about monitoring background, it's about experiments too! The news system is just for that. Rather than me telling you about all the things that get done here, it's for stations to update everyone else about what is happening. Tube changes, improvements, even thoughts and questions. Yes we have a forum too, but I would really like to see some news submitted about events on your workbench! Try it out, when you want your article to appear on the website select 'Published' and save. Put your station name or nickname down for the author's alias.

Anyway, it has been interesting to see the effect of the nearby radioactive cat as it moves around! It looks like it may be a while until CPMs return to normal at sunsmoke's residence!
Dear all
After I received my password I am able to login. All is ok. But I´m not able to use RadMon on your software Radlog. There is always "user or password is incorrect".
What is wrong? How can I solve this problem?
I am pleased to announce a data sharing agreement between radmon.org and radioactiveathome.org!

The map that includes stations from both sites has just been put on the main map page. If you are checking that your radioactiveathome station is on the map, please also check that the CPM data reported matches and report any problems to me on the forum.

radmon.org stations will appear on the radioactiveathome.org map in the near future.

If you submit data to both sites already please continue to do so unless resources are limited. :)

Thank you to Krzysztof 'krzyszp' from the radioactiveathome.org team for stopping by the radmon.org forum and getting the data sharing ball rolling (and lolwut82 on the forums for starting it). I look forward to improving the map so that it is more user friendly for people checking out radioactiveathome stations.

Uodate: The location data for the radioactiveathome stations is scrambled. Will fix soon, there may be intermittent service from the map while doing so.
Update 2: Luckily the stations are in the right place, it is the link to the station userpage that is wrong.
Update 3: Fixed.